Pump - Many projects require the use of components that allow strictly controlled by directional pumping of liquid or air. However, as we know, improperly maintained electrical appliances, running water can pose a danger to life and health. It is very desirable therefore that such a device was supplied with low voltage, significantly increases the safety of operation. In this category you will find many interesting and incredibly useful components for various applications, hydraulic and pneumatic, including pumps and solenoid valves.

How to use the air pump?

In our assortment you will find different types of pumpsthat can be applied with success for the manufacture of both vacuum and positive pressure in the various pneumatic systems. In the case of vacuum pumps such as 12-woltowa vacuum pump SparkFun, you can get high pressure (about 2.2 bar), as well as a pretty decent vacuum (0,54 bar). To select the mode of pump operation you are doing by connecting the appropriate adapter for your pneumatic system. Vacuum can be used, for example, for the manufacture of capture podciśnieniowego for robotycznego shoulder, and hypertension – to drive a small pneumatic actuators (which you can easily build yourself, with... a regular needle!). It would be suitable valves (e.g., solenoid valve, mini 12V, 0.04 MPa), which will allow You to control the flow of air between the individual components of the pneumatic system.

Pump - Hydraulics in a miniature version

If Your project requires water use, very handy intended for this type of pump. You should know that the design of these items is often considerably different from pumps of air, which is not only used the method of pumping, but, above all, with methods of sealing the internal compartments in the mechanism of the pump. Use air pump to water can cause flooding and engine damage. The same rules apply to valves. In our offer you will find a wide range of different types of pumps for liquids, among which the most interesting model is the hose pump DFRobot Gravity. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the mechanics of the pump doesn't come into contact with the pumped liquid. Confusion of masses of fluid occurs through compression of the elastic tube (with its external surfaces are shifted respectively located rollers). In this context, peristaltic pumps are readily used in industry and laboratory, medical and food industries.

Own source of wind? Why not!

In the case when przepompowania more air mass, but the resulting pressure can be relatively low, is to take the radial blower. Compared to the classic fans (so-called axial), blower are much more efficient – they are able to generate a higher pressure (although not at the level of that obtained using diaphragm pumps), with a large quantity of air. For example, fan wentylatorowa 12V 5.4 V – 120x120x32mm receives the air flow level to 13.5 l/s, which gives the possibility of its application in the design of small hovercraft (like the creation of the airbags under the car as as drive, crosses).