A pump is a key element of many projects. It has an extremely important function to control the pumping of air or liquid. Therefore, it is mainly used in electrical equipment where water is required. Their use requires great caution and following the manufacturer's recommendations. Improper handling and use can lead to equipment failure, but also be a threat to the health of the user. Such devices should therefore be powered with low voltage. In the offer of Botland store there are components dedicated to all hydraulic and pneumatic projects. We offer not only pumps, but also solenoid valves, fan blowers and atomizers for water. We recommend pumps designed for systems cooperating with water and air. They are technologically adapted to modern and advanced in operation devices, equipment and systems. Feel free to browse our wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic components.

What are the purposes of air pumps? Use of pumps in projects

The pumps can produce both vacuum and positive pressure. High pressure can be achieved in vacuum pumps, as the SparkFun 12-volt pump is an example. In this case, the pressure will be as high as 2.2 bar. You can choose the operating mode, which is important for the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole system. This is possible due to the connection of the connection to the pneumatic system. A vacuum is created, which has found its application in many areas. It can be used, among other things, in the construction of a vacuum gripper, which in turn is dedicated to the robotic arm. The resulting overpressure, in turn, has found its application in driving small pneumatic cylinders with a very wide range of uses, including ordinary syringes. In the case of pneumatic systems, valves are important. They allow us to control the flow of air that passes through individual pneumatic systems. Thus, the pumps are used in many fields and areas. Perhaps you also need it for your new project.

A special type of air pump is a radial blower. It is used wherever larger air masses are pumped with low pressure. They differ significantly from commonly used fans because they generate higher pressure and pump large amounts of air. Fan blowers are used e.g. in small hovercrafts, as exemplified by the 12V 5.4W - 120x120x32mm blower, obtaining air flow up to 13.5 l/s.

Customized hydraulic pumps

If the device needs to work with water, you will need a dedicated pump for use in hydraulic systems. They have a different structure, construction and mechanism of operation than that of heat pumps. This is due to different pumping method and sealing system. We cannot install an air pump in hydraulic systems, as this would result in engine damage or flooding. That is why we always choose pumps for liquids, which you will find in our offer in different variants. We particularly recommend the DFRobot Gravity peristaltic pump, where the mechanics have no direct contact with the pumped medium. The liquid is pushed through as a result of compression of a flexible tube. Such a mechanism is very desirable in many fields and industries. Peristaltic pumps are often used in projects in the food, medical and laboratory industries. Create your own hydraulic or pneumatic system and use it in your project. All necessary components are available in our offer. Check our liquid and air pumps, as well as other key elements for proper system operation. We are at your disposal in case of problems, questions and doubts.