Robot chassis

Chassis of wheeled and tracked to build mobile robots.


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Products by page

Products by page

All-terrain vehicle, car and robot chassis as a common denominator

Regardless of whether you're designing a Rover, whose task will be the conquest of the inaccessible areas and areas inaccessible to humans or robots, which is only a toy or a functional tool to – in both cases you need professional equipment. We have a range compatible with the latest and most popular minikomputerami, innovative products, equipped with functional modules and budget chassis, which are ideal for more complex designs – because of this, each lover of robotics will find the product that will meet all his expectations.

Chassis for robots – price, quality and satisfaction

Looking in our store, you can always count on the fact that we present the best quality equipment. In this category you can buy suitable chassis for robots, thanks to which they will have free movement in certain areas. We know perfectly well that projects the real fans of robotics who are engaged in the manufacture of such structures, professionally, are highly purified, therefore, being the right balance of price and quality, is a guarantee of satisfaction. We guarantee that in Botland you will find parts and tools of high class, which will have an attractive and low prices to suit every pocket.

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