Chassis for robots

Chassis for robots

Category, without which no robot would be mobile and could move. Chassis for robots equipped, as a rule, wheels or tracks for easy movement over rough terrain. Our shop offers You wide range of choice for the construction of robots. We have also finished the chassis for which you only need to fix my car. Selected from dozens of other accessories that are of superior quality and at affordable prices. Check it out for yourself and keep your robot in motion!


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Products by page

Products by page

Come on!

No matter whether you're designing the robot for special tasks, which will move across the marshland, do you have a plan of the machine manufacturer is provided in each of these cases, you need to equip your chassis and drive. Chassis for robots is an extensive section in our store. From ready-made solutions, such self-Assembly - compatible with the most popular mikrokomputerami and equipped with various modules and solutions not rujnujące our budget. Look at the categories below and choose the right equipment for your model.

To go or not to go, that is the question...

In the process of making your idea, you first need to think about how to move our robot. Chassis for robots is the range for choice is not important are the topics of building, here limits You to only your imagination. Robotics is a wonderful world that adapts to the constructor. Pick up the modules and create your Transformersa. Show your friends or even the world what You're capable of. With our store Botland you can do what you only dream of!

Professional solutions for every budget

Our proposal for robot chassis is the result of careful selection carried out in our Department created keen as You. We care about the highest quality and pick up range for the presence of satisfaction from the purchase of our clients. We offer professional modules at attractive prices and we will be happy to assist you in case of any doubts or questions. Our technical Department is at your disposal. Check out our categories and join the number of satisfied customers of our store Botland.