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An element without which no robot would be mobile and could not move. Of course, we're talking about robot chassis.


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Products by page

Robot chassis are usually equipped with road wheels or tracks depending on the type of robot. The wheels guarantee faster movement, while the body designed for caterpillars will cope much better in difficult terrain. We also distinguish non-standard chassis, e.g. for insect robots and other walking robots or crawler robots!

Our store offers a wide range of robots for construction. We also have ready chassis to which you simply attach your machine. In this category you will find the best quality chassis for robots. They have been selected from dozens of other top-quality accessories and are available at attractive prices. Check it yourself and set your robot in motion!

Move up! Chassis for robots

It doesn't matter if you are designing a robot for special tasks that will move in muddy terrain, or planning to build a cleaning machine. In any case, you need to equip your model with a chassis and drive. No matter if the robot is only to move around the house, on flat spaces (on the floor, on the table), or you are going to build a machine that will reign at your backyard – the chassis for robot will always be one of those structural elements that cannot be avoided.

Robot chassis are a wide section in our store. You will find ready solutions and sets that are designed for self-assembly. The great advantage of the presented chassis for robots is that they are fully compatibile with the most popular microcomputers and microcontrollers. They can be equipped with a variety of modules and solutions that allow you to create the robot of your dreams. If you're looking for a way to create an electronic DIY project, start - literally - from scratch - robots chassis. Take a look at the proposed categories and choose equipment for your model.

Drive, glide or crawl? Choose a chassis for every type of robot!

When projecting your construction schema, at the very beginning you will need to think about the way the robot moves. The way it moves around will determine which chassis you should choose. The most popular option is the universal chassis for wheel drives. The chassis for crawler drives are not much different from them.

Much more differences can be found, however, if we compare classic robot chassis with chassis dedicated to specialized machines. If we want to create a robot that will glide, crawl or move with the help of dozens of limbs (such things are also possible!) Then the choice will be more problematic. This does not mean, however, that you cannot make such robotic constructions. At Botland, we offer chassis for various types of robots. Robot chassis are a wide range to choose from. In a sense, you can say that the motives for building a robot are irrelevant, human imagination is most important. Only it limits the individual DIY project.

Robot chassis available at low prices

At Botland, you will find all the chassis that your construction designs will require. The highest quality products are available at attractive prices, so you don't have to spend a fortune to create your own robot.

Our proposal of robot chassis is the result of a detailed selection carried out by our department created from enthusiasts. We love robotics and programmable electronics ourselves, which is why we approach each order individually. We care about the highest quality and choose the assortment in terms of satisfaction with the purchase of our customers. We know that robotics is a wonderful world that adapts to the designer and is the result of his skills, but also his creativity.

In addition, we offer professional modules, accessories, ready-made robots, robot parts and educational kits at attractive prices in our store. We are happy to help in case of any doubts or questions. Our technical department is at your disposal. Check our also other categories and join the group of satisfied customers of our Botland store.

Choose modules, chassis and other parts and create then your Transformers or other machine you have been dreaming about! Show your friends or even the whole world what you can do!