Housing BeagleBone

The popularity and variety of different models BeagleBone makes miniature computers, these represent an attractive platform not only for Amateurs but also professionals who develop applications, industrial, control and measuring devices or home automation systems. Some people even use with BeagleBone with a classic PC. Each of these scenarios use the core module requires a different approach to mechanical protection of the tiles. To meet the needs of all, in our store we offer a variety of housing for BeagleBone – thanks to them, everyone will find the best solution.

BeagleBone enclosure: a classic design, and maybe something for makerów?

All the classic enclosures are intended for use with the BeagleBone have a rectangular hole, providing easy access to the two GPIO connectors, without having to open the case. Because of this, we have the opportunity of connection of external extensions and overlays, without the need to abandon mechanical protection tiles. In the case of BeagleBone in the role of a desktop computer are best suited aesthetic, streamlined hull for example, or. If you prefer to boast of the contents of the small box – select one of the available in our store buildings transparent, which will add komputerkowi intriguing appearance and will provide visual control over the contents tworzywowej cover.


When selecting housing, keep in mind that not every module BeagleBone compatible with any case. In the models offered in our online store, the location of the holes in the side walls and the distance of mounting holes and slots in the top cover correspond to modules from the BeagleBone Black. Their distinctive feature is present in the middle of one of the short sides of the plate and the Ethernet connector and a power connector DC 5,5/2,1 mm, and on the opposite side of the USB connector A. in connection With this case will not fit series modules BeagleBone BeagleBone Blue and Green.

Something for professionals

Manufacturer of tiles BeagleBone has overtaken many of its competitors in the market of minicomputers jednopłytkowych by providing a special version of the computer is designed for industrial use – Industrial 4G BeagleBone Black. This is particularly interesting module, adapted to work in conditions from -20 °C to 85 °C. If you plan to use the BeagleBone as the controller in the automation system or in the command, measurement and control, note enclosure adapted for mounting on a DIN rail. The building was designed in accordance with DIN 43880 and is made of self-extinguishing plastic with Flammability class UL94V-0, which increases the safety of operation and ensures compliance with the requirements of the systems industrial.