Sensor devices are often used to determine the coordinates and orientation of an object. Such sensors include gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers. And although all of the above devices are similar in many respects, each of them measures different quantities. By combining them into one device, you get a powerful tool that helps you determine the location and direction of movement of a drone, robot or other machine.

In this category, we present all magnetometers available in the Botland store. As the name implies, magnetometers are devices that measure magnetic field values ​​such as its magnitude, direction and changes. Some of the more advanced magnetometers used in automation are used to measure the magnetic properties of matter such as ferromagnetics.

Magnetometers are more advanced devices that you will need if you are building a specific project. A properly designed electronic system that performs many functions will only work properly if you choose the best quality magnetometer. Check these devices in this category of the Botland store now.

What I a magnetometer and how does it work?

The Botland store offers a lot of different sensors. We also recommend MEMS sensors. In our store you will find devices with a built-in gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer. The latter are devices used to measure the intensity of the magnetic field, most often based on the Hall effect or the magnetoresistance phenomenon. How does a magnetometer work?

In a Hall magnetometer, if we connect a voltage source to a metal plate, we will cause a current flow between two surfaces of this plate. Then, when a magnetic field source, such as a magnet, comes close to a DC plate, the electron flow path across the plate's surface will be distorted. At this point, the phenomenon is that one side of the plate will be occupied by electrons and the other by protons. After connecting the voltmeter, it will be seen that the voltage depends on the strength of the magnetic field and its direction in space.

Magnetometers related to the magnetoresistance process work slightly differently. In this case, the magneto-resistive concept of the presented sensors uses materials sensitive to the magnetic field. The most common such materials are iron and nickel alloys. Such materials change their resistance when exposed to a magnetic field. The MEMS sensors available in our offer are also equipped with an I2C interface, thanks to which you can easily connect your magnetometer to work with, for example, Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

Magnetometer in the phone? That’s right – small and practical magnetometers

Magnetometers are devices that come in various forms and versions. If you want to develop your robot design to increase its stability and balance while stopping, moving or standing still on an uneven surface, then the use of a small MEMS gyroscope will be an excellent solution. It is a device that, by measuring the angular deviation of the robot from the equilibrium position, will send information to the Arduino board. Then, as a result, by controlling the respective motors and servos, the correct position of the robot will be given. This will prevent the machine from accidentally tipping over.

How is the angular velocity measured by the MEMS gyroscope? The sensor built into these devices has dimensions that do not exceed the diameter of a human hair and is based on the phenomenon of mechanical resonance. As the gyroscope is rotated, the MEMS sensor converts this movement into a very low voltage signal proportional to the rotation angle. Then the signal is amplified and sent to the microcontroller. Via the program, the user makes further decisions depending on the voltage value read. As you can see, magnetometers are very useful devices that do not need to take up a lot of space and will help with advanced automated projects!

Remember to buy accelerometers

Accelerometers are devices that measure accelerations, i.e. physical quantities that describe how quickly the speed of an object changes over time. In our store you can equip yourself with many types of accelerometers. If there is a need to purchase a magnetometer, an accelerometer will also be useful for the project. Why?

Accelerometers are simply very helpful tools in measurement systems for detecting object vibration and in navigation systems. The accelerometer detects the static and dynamic effects of acceleration. Static forces include gravity, while dynamic forces are vibration and displacement. Get the equipment you need now. Buy magnetometers, gyroscopes and accelerometers in the Botland store!