Output voltage 9V

In our offer you will find stabilizers in the form of chips with an output voltage of 9 V. Desiring to obtain a constant output voltage, grabbed the voltage or current. Having a responsive layout electronic, it is necessary to provide it with the appropriate chip intended for normalization of the output voltage. In our wide range includes various stabilizers is linear with a particular output voltage, as well as models with the ability to adjust.


What is the stabilizer? This electronic system, whose task is the modulation voltage to the output to maintain a constant voltage or current regardless of input conditions. The most popular are the stabilizers of constant tension, but also comprise stabilizers intermittent. The ballasts are based on voltage regulators. Circuit using negative feedback, it compares the output voltage with the reference voltage. Then there is a control signal which acts on the regulating element in such a manner to oppose change of the output voltage. Thus, we can obtain, for example, the output voltage is 9 V.

The development of stabilizers

Originally used for the stabilization of linear discrete elements such as Zener diodes, transistors or lamps. With the advancement of technology, these elements were replaced by chips, which are characterized by the best parameters. Currently, these systems are so complicated that virtually everyone has built-in protection against overload or overheating. The vast majority of the stabilizers are built in the form of systems trzykońcowych. Moved away from expensive metal bodies in favor of cheaper plastic. The output voltage is 9 V-this is one of the possible system configurations.

The parameters of the stabilizers

It is possible to allocate among them, in particular, nominal output voltage and the tolerance to the value of 5%. Because of this, it is possible to obtain the value of 9 in the output voltage. Each stabilizer has also the stabilization factor for the voltage. It expresses the ratio of output voltage change to the input. Good quality stabilizer will have a low ratio. You can meet with the term energy efficiency, although the stabilizers are mainly of low efficiency.