Encoder - the dream of robots that will perform for us the painstaking and heavy housework (e.g. vacuuming), until recently only in video technology, however, surpassed the film, because that could be seen on movie screens in the productions of Sci-Fi today is in our homes. We have achieved this, in particular, thanks to a small, highly efficient components and elements as sensors, which form the basis of most devices automatically.

Products by page

Products by page

The sensors are small sensorsthat provide the possibility of creating complex designs, even among fans of robotics and automation – simple module Arduino or Raspberry, idea and programming skills (although you can find a lot of manuals, step-by-step to create impressive layouts).

Sensors big performance in a compact

These small devices stored in your body a huge opportunity. They are responsible for the conversion of rotary motion into an electrical signal, which allows to determine the exact angular position, displacement and number of revolutions. Due to the fact that they allow, in particular, to find the answer to the question of the exact angular position of the element that is in motion, its direction, distance, or speed – sound familiar? Suffice it to recall the action of milling machines, saws, or even robot cleaners!

To fully meet Your needs, we want to present you the highest quality product, prepared with special attention and offers enormous possibilities! For our clients we offer, in particular, such sensors as:

  • designed for specific robots
  • sensors, Arduino and Raspberry products are directed towards users of the Arduino and the Raspberry,
  • models with buttons and knobs
  • optical,
  • magnetic
  • encoder rotary,
  • pulse.

Of course, that's not all! However, we encourage each user to familiarize themselves with the proposal BOTLAND, which definitely ensures the satisfaction of all lovers of automation and robotics!