Until recently, dreams of robots that will do tedious and hard homework for us only recently appeared in films. The current technology, however, has overtaken the cinema and more and more film productions have become a replication of the present reality that surrounds every of us. Modern sci-fi devices now can be increasingly found just in our homes, not scientific labs.

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Products by page

Such dynamic technological development is a result not only of the development of one technology, but of many different modern devices that have been modernized or discovered. One of the most important components in the field of programmable electronics and automation are encoders. Encoders are a staple component in most automatic devices. They are devices that convert rotary motion into electrical signals. These signals determine the exact angular position, displacement or number of revolutions. Encoders are often referred to as sensors because they are devices that allow precise measurement of the position of a moving element. You can specify the direction, distance or speed of rotation. The key parameter is the number of electric pulses per revolution (usually several dozen or several hundred).

In this category, we present various types of encoders. The offer of the Botland store also includes encoders compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi minicomputers!

What are encoders? Standard encoders and programmable electronic sensors

Rotary (machine) encoders convert rotary motion into electrical signals. This is why they enable precise measurement of RPM and other key parameters. There are incremental encoders (rotary-pulse converters) and absolute encoders (rotary-code converters).

In the case of programmable electronics, encoders are most often advanced sensors with small dimensions. Encoders make it possible to create advanced structures not only by specialists, but also by amateurs of robotics and automation. These components will be useful for many projects. All you need is an Arduino or Raspberry Pi module, a good idea and basic programming skills (we also recommend educational guides and starter kits available in our store). With Arduino, the encoder becomes a functional element of your project. It is also possible to connect the encoders to the Raspberry Pi board.

Encoder – one small device, huge possibilities

Encoders are small devices that have great possibilities. These components are responsible for converting the rotary motion into an electrical signal that allows the precise angular position, displacement and number of revolutions to be determined. Thanks to this, they allow you to find answers to the question about the precise angular position of an element in motion, its direction, distance or speed of rotation - sounds familiar? It is enough to remember the operation of a milling machine, saw or even a cleaning robot! You do not have to be an expert in the field of automation - when you buy the selected encoder, you receive instructions on how to use it.

Different kind of encoders – what kind of sensors can I buy?

To fully meet your needs, we want to present the highest quality products, prepared with special care and offering great opportunities! We provide our clients with many types of devices. In our offer you will find encoders designed for specific robots, Arduino and Raspberry encoders (products for Arduino and Raspberry Pi users), models with buttons and regulators and many more. There are also optical and magnetic sensors, classic rotary encoders and pulse encoders.

Of course, that's not all! We encourage you to get familiarized with all of Botland store’s products and categories. We are convinced that our offer will make everyone finds easy the best device for any particular project. We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the other categories in the Botland store. If you have any questions - contact us! We want to guarantee satisfaction to all amateurs of automation and robotics!