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Probably every beginner dreams of senior marketing specialist at the start of his career on building your own walking robot. The inspiration received through the designers of these robots directly from nature – insects, mammals or reptiles – leads to the fact that the most advanced designs move, often in a manner strikingly similar to their natural features. In our offer you will find a number of models to represent, ranging from the simple and inexpensive toys, intelligent robots humanoid. Today create your own robot, which will delight all around!


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Robots marching to participate in

In Botland store you will find robots, walking, suitable for any level of training. If you are just starting out or want to make a great gift for a young member of the robotics to see available mini-robots to teach students the basics techniques of self-editing and commissioning. Nothing allows you to explore the anatomy as własnoręczna the construction of even a simple mechanism. Recommend more advanced robots for programming in the Arduino IDE, including remotely controlled using a mobile device with the application installed to iOS or Android. We also have mini robots on wheels quickly and efficiently.

The era of humanoids, just came

Also You can program or even to create from scratch one of them! Our online store is replete with robots walking, surprisingly reminiscent of human attitude and way of moving. A series of WowWee robots includes three models of the robots moving around on two legs. One of them behaves and looks like a real zombie, the other two – Robosapien X Robosapien X Chrome and – is a smart, remote-controlled robots, walking that you can control via IR remote control or mobile app. If you want to build a complex robot to select one of the sets for submission to the RoboBuilder. RoboBuilder RQ Huno is ideal for robotic soccer competitions, have built-in infrared sensors and sound, and his movement is responsible for up to 16 servos. RoboBuilder 5720T Black is a set that allows self-Assembly of not only humanoids, but also a Robo dog or a Robo-dinosaur.

Go to a higher level

Walking robots for the garden is not just a toy that inspires creativity and technical sense. This is a great platform for the students of automatics and robotics or mechatronics, to quickly build the necessary mechanics and go to what is the most difficult for programming movement trajectories and control algorithms. Both available in our store biped robots humanoid and walking wielonożne mechanisms are an excellent basis for creating more complex projects and further expansion. Part of the kits allows not only simple graphic programming, but also full-scale custom application development, using professional programming languages.