Accessories - BeagleBone

Each project begins with the creation and testing of the prototype. In the case of electronic devices, mock-up, once associated with the need for travel rations dozen cables have been nice – if you bring the proper accessories allows you to create a layout and easy deployment, and making changes and corrections. If you are starting a new project using one of the modules BeagleBone, then you came to the right place – here you will find all the necessary additions.

Contact tile – endless possibilities to experiment

Tiles contact, otherwise, called prototypowymi, his enormous popularity thanks to the extraordinary ease with which you can build on them, test the electronic system. We know very well how varied can be the layouts made on these boards – sometimes you need to connect to the BeagleBone only a few LEDs with a simple terminal or keyboard, otherwise you have to build the entire track analog speakers, or digital systems. Following the manufacturer's specifications determining the maximum currents and voltages with which the Board can work, you can for a few minutes to create almost any layout and immediately test it in practice.

Accessories – BeagleBone: different needs – different sizes

No matter how big the project, only what it is You built – in our assortment you will find tile in the amount of from four hundred to more than 3,000 holes, so You do not have enough space for even quite large hands. We have prepared the breakout Board kit in 830 fields and a universal power supply and cable set – these accessories will be a great help during the experiments with the BeagleBone. Experience shows that even when using ready-made modules, the contact plate remains often for You to at least to facilitate power distribution, incoming through plug BeagleBone GPIO.

Minikomputer on their own feet

Experimenting with BeagleBone minikomputerem remember appropriate protection of the printed circuit Board of the module. Not all projects use the housing – in this situation it is very easy to damage, for example, scratch soldermaski or accidental short circuit. These reasons – if you do not plan to use the housing – be sure to select the appropriate accessories, which will provide basic Board protection. A great option would be rubber feet-Velcro straps that easily put on the back of the module. These simple and cheap supplements significantly reduces the risk of accidental short circuit or damage the tiles if you find yourself under it, for example, freely lying on the table of the electronic components or pieces of wires.