Food - BeagleBone

Among the many benefits of a mini-series of the computer called BeagleBone should be flexibility from the point of view of the method of power connection to the Board. Unlike many other mini-computers available in the market, the BeagleBone can be powered not only through the slot micro USB voltage can also be lead using the classic connector DC 5,5/2,1 mm. the Choice of a suitable power source for our minikomputera jednopłytkowego, however, is dictated by several additional factors.

What kind of food to choose for BeagleBone?

The manufacturer recommends the power plate using the power source capacity of not less than 6 V, which corresponds to a current of 1.2 A at supply voltage equal to 5 V. it is Recommended, however, a source capacity of at least 10, i.e. the maximum load current of 2 A. the Actual power consumption depends on many factors, such as the currently used processing power or the amount of data transferred between the memory card and the processor. However, in most common configurations, the largest share in the total consumed power is the current consumed by all devices connected to the USB ports and connectors GPIO tiles. In the case of modules that interact with the BeagleBone using goldpin connectors except the power supply should also count the possible output currents of the individual lines GPIO – for example, if the selected lines were connected LEDs.

Power the BeagleBone via micro USB

This is definitely the most popular solutions known from other mini-computer, including the Raspberry Pi. If you decide to power the BeagleBone through the micro USB port, we have good news for You – in our range, in addition to a good USB power supply with two connectors USB-A, you will find also strong powerbanki capacity from 5000 mAh to 10000 mAh. Using powerbank is power for the BeagleBone you can enjoy minikomputera for hours without connecting AC adapter, even with a significant load.

Powered via socket DC 2.1/5.5 mm

The second option is power the BeagleBone is to use the power adapter with round DC plug outer diameter 5.5 mm and inner 2.1 mm. This is one of the most popular in the world types of connectors supply a constant current. It should, however, pay special attention to the polarity of the connector, because not all power supplies available on the market, have a connection suitable for the BeagleBone. Choosing available in our store, you do not need to worry about the details – we picked the right model, you can safely connect the BeagleBone right out of the package.