Memory card - BeagleBone

Even the best computer powerful, multi-core processor and extensive memory RAM little Shine without reliable hard drive. In minikomputerach jednopłytkowych the role of the disc is usually performed on the memory card. The popularity of such decision affects not only low cost cards and more and more capacity, already exceeding the threshold of 100 GB. Equally important is the ease with which you can install on the memory card appropriate for this computer and operating system. Check out the offer available in our store cards for module BeagleBone.

Memory card – BeagleBone: a good memory, and... fast!

Choosing a memory card to work with minikomputerem jednopłytkowym, for example, BeagleBone, you should pay attention not only to its volume. It is very important to ensure a sufficiently high data transmission speeds between the card and the processor. At the speed these directly affect the design of the card. If the restriction is not on today communication interface (almost all large digital systems serve card using a quick reference format sdio), the most important is the access time to the memory card. The speed of the card determines its class – the higher, the shorter the time to save data and read them.

Class memory cards

In the case of powerful computers, the BeagleBone is best suited memory card class 10 provides speed at the level of several tens or even 100 MBPS. If the case is not a very difficult task slower card (e.g. class 6) could check the playback of the movie in HD quality or support three-dimensional graphics requires high speed data stream. However, if you plan zaprzęgnąć your Board BeagleBone to work with a webcam or collect large amounts of data, fast card class 10 is the only correct choice.

Card reader or no?

Currently, it is uncommon for the manufacturer suggested we buy the same memory cards only, no additional accessories. Because a lot reading USB and other devices (e.g., cameras) still uses the SD cards at full size, often complete with a memory micro SD, we also have a simple adapter that we can insert our map and receive a full SD card in the "classical" size. It is, however, not all. In our online store available kits containing, in addition to the card and adapter – easy reader USB OTG, which allows you to work with map at the same time and the computer with a classic USB port and a phone that supports USB OTG. The second solution is particularly useful if you need to quickly use memory cards from our phone when you connect the reader should not have to replace the card in the slot of the phone, which will be not only fun, but also certain risks associated with the possibility of damage or loss of the card.