USB device - BeagleBone

In the era of minicomputers jednopłytkowych it is possible to notice an interesting trend. The number of circuits and the amount of key accessories, including the keyboard, mouse and monitor, leads to the fact that the computer itself, which not long ago was the greatest element of the entire set, lost in the thickets of accessories. Most of the models BeagleBone has only one USB port A – however, this is not a problem, after all, come to help us properly selected a USB device.

USB device BeagleBone – on taste and color

In our store we have prepared a wide range of basic peripheral devices USB. Although all computers that are running linux, namely the system of this family most often we find on minikomputerach jednopłytkowych, including BeagleBone – can cope with using only the keyboard, still most of the users feel better if there is at hand a convenient mouse. Therefore, in this category you will find several types of wired cheap USB mouse, different sizes and colors. PDla traditionalists, we have prepared a classic keyboard in several versions, differing in design and usability.

To minimize the keyboard and go forward in the way!

For special applications we recommend a silicone keyboard. Their advantage is very quiet operation, and it is impossible to achieve in conventional keyboards tightness and resistance to dust, moisture and contamination. Keyboard silicone can also be... to roll and put in a bag or backpack. This is a great solution for those who are accustomed to a full sized keyboard. So if you do a lot of work with BeagleBone's in the field or on the road, you'll appreciate this innovative solution. People from Your environment will be amazed when they see how cool your keyboard, like a sheet of paper!

More ports, more features

If Your BeagleBone is not enough USB ports, invaluable help will be the corresponding USB hub. In our assortment you will find different models, hubs, offering from three to seven ports USB A. Some models have power switches present in each of the slots. This solution not only greatly facilitates the work, giving You convenient control over which USB devices on the bus must be available at any time, but also prolongs the service life of sockets with switches, you do not need some time to disconnect and reconnect the ports, especially during prototyping.

Eagle vision are now available in Your BeagleBone

Attractive option for people working in computer vision, design their own CCTV systems or experiments from the field of digital photography, will apply to USB cameras ArduCAM. Standard ArduCAM has opened up new opportunities in the area of connection of the camera modules with mikrokontrolerami also these less computational performance. Now the camera modules can be easily combined with modules in BeagleBone. Includes the SDK library, which will perfectly help you get started with writing your own app to capture the image.