Wire - BeagleBone

Miniature computers jednopłytkowe BeagleBone stand out against other similar products, plenty of connections – not just those familiar with PC, laptops or mobile devices. They also have excellent as for devices in this class the number of pins GPIO derivatives to goldpin connectors. In our store you will find all the cables that you need to be able to connect your minikomputer with the monitor and expansion modules the functionality of external sensors, actuators and others.

Wire BeagleBone: small connector – high resolution

Manufacturer of modules of the basic series BeagleBone rightly decided to move away from the popular HDMI connector, found on the majority of notebooks, graphics cards, desktop computers and monitors in favor of a miniature connector standard micro HDMI. The size is a little different it is from the micro USB connector. This solution allowed to save a lot of space on the PCB is already heavily planted with graphical devices. Require special cables for connection with the usual monitors. Therefore in our store you will find different lengths of wire, micro HDMI, completed on the other hand, a typical, large HDMI connector. Because of this, without the need for additional elements, you will be able to enjoy excellent quality images and digital sound – since the modules are also supported by BeagleBone audio and video chip using the same connector.

Adapters, extension cords

In our store you will find many solutions, much easier to work with BeagleBone. If you already have an HDMI cable with connectors standard size, just what zaopatrzysz in a small adapter. To connect USB accessories are useful, and USB extension cable A-A with a length of 1.8 meters, which will allow mouse or keyboard away from the device itself. However, if you have one monitor that supports multiple computers, including BeagleBone – use HDMI switch. It will allow you to conveniently switch between devices, without the need for constant replacement of cables.

Connect BeagleBone with external modules

The connection of the basic module BeagleBone external additional modules, such as relays, sensors, or driver engines is easy if beforehand zaopatrzysz to the appropriate wire. Because most tiles BeagleBone is equipped with a factory soldered goldpin socket pitch 2.54 mm, for connection with other devices necessary wires like a man-male or male-female (depending on what type of connector – male or female – is mounted on the joining Board). In assortment of our online store, you will find sets of individual elements, and complex wire-ribbon Commission earned tips. To facilitate prototyping, we have prepared sets of connecting wires of different colors and lengths that will protect Your device from unnecessarily long cables, where enough is much shorter.