Modules - BeagleBone

Miniature computers jednopłytkowe good has taken root already in the Toolbox of modern electronics. Among the many models available in our market deserves special attention BeagleBone family. Unlike competitors, the core modules with the sign of the cute, four-legged offer a range of services that facilitates their implementation in different applications. Each version of the BeagleBone has built-in devices and accessories that are ideal for specific applications.

Modules basic BeagleBone: best friends electronics

Miniature computers BeagleBone are a great example of how to design a modern system built. The individual modules differ in the selection of the main components such as processor, memory or communication modules, and the number and type of built-in connectors number of USB ports, a method of power and proposed contours and peripheral devices. The simplest and most affordable version available in our store, PocketBeagle, is driven by a powerful processor by Texas Instruments AM3358 Sitara family, equipped with ARM Cortex-A8 1 GHz operating memory of 512 MB. Board is programmed using the web browser that allows you to experiment freely with it without worrying about damage to the operating system – if necessary, you can easily restore everything to its factory state. All extensions can connect to the device using two 36-pin goldpin connectors and the power supply meets the USB plug in the standard micro. It is also worth checking, available in our store accessories and add-ons.

Connectors, accessories and other miracles

If your application requires a connection to Ethernet, select BeagleBone Green. It offers 4 GB of internal Flash memory, two slots receiving the extension in the Grove standard, USB-connector – as well as PocketBeagle two fast 32-bit processors with real-time PRU, clocked at a frequency of 200 MHz. Higher model in this series - Green BeagleBone Wireless – offers, besides 3 additional connectors USB-A wi-fi module IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The series modules offer two Green connector, 46-pin, allowing any external device and the extension can be connected without the use of extension modules conclusions.

A picture is worth a thousand words

One of the most powerful versions – the BeagleBone Black Wireless – in addition to the devices known from the Green version, equipped with a micro HDMI connector, which in combination with the integrated 3D graphics accelerator supports monitors with resolutions up to 1440x900 pixels. HDMI also supports the transmission of digital sound, and operations of high computational complexity is accelerating integrated floating-point number floating-point NEON. Modules basic BeagleBone Black offer support for real-time systems, giving the developers a two-processor PRU.