BeagleBone main boards

Single board minicomputers are already well-known among modern electronic engineers. BeagleBone, which certainly deserves special attention, is one of many models available on the market. Unlike its competitors, the main boards marked with the logo depicting a nice dog offer a number of features that can be easily implemented in various applications. Each version of BeagleBone has built-in devices and accessories that are tailored to specific needs.

BeagleBone main boards - best friends of electronic engineers

BeagleBone minicomputers are an excellent example of how to design modern embedded systems. The main modules vary both in the application of components such as the CPU, memory or communication modules and in the number and type of built-in connectors and USB ports, the power supply and the offered circuits and peripherals. The most straight-forward and affordable version available in our store, PocketBeagle, is powered by a high-performance Texas Instruments processor, AM3358 from the Sitar series, with a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 core and 512MB of RAM. The board is programmed with the use of a web browser and thanks to that you can experiment without worrying about damaging your operating system - if necessary, you can easily restore the board to a factory reset. All extensions can be connected to the device via two 36-pin goldpin connectors and the power supply is provided by a micro USB port. Check out other accessories available in our online store.

Connectors, accessories and other splendid components

If you need an Ethernet connection in your project, go for BeagleBone Green. It offers 4GB of built-in flash memory, two Grove compatible connectors, an A type USB connector and, similarly to PocketBeagle, two fast 32-bit real-time PRU processors with a clock frequency up to 200 MHz. BeagleBone Green Wireless, the superior model in the series, also offers 3 additional A type USB connectors, a WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n module and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The Green series mainboards are equipped with two 46-pin connectors so that any external devices and extensions can be connected without any extra output expanders.

One picture worth a thousand words

One of the most advanced versions - BeagleBone Black Wireless - in addition to the peripherals known from the Green series, is equipped with a micro HDMI port which, combined with a built-in 3D graphics accelerator, allows you to handle monitors with resolutions up to 1440x900 pixels. HDMI output supports digital audio transmission and the built-in NEON floating point unit will surely accelerate any operations of high computational complexity. BeagleBone Black main boards offer real-time system support by providing programmers with two PRU processors.

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