Rectifier diodes

The main elements of the solid state, are designed for rectifying current.

Led the correction of the application, the design and basic parameters

These components are characterized by multi-level small opornościami of the order of several ohms. Have a resistance in the direction of a conductivity – due to this have more options for rectifying the current. Products with high capacity can be equipped with additional cooling elements (radiators for example) because their work creates high temperatures, which becomes the risk of damage and accidents. Current after the erection in the future, however, is not constant voltage, so the diode in the circuits voltage often have the support of such elements as capacitors.

A rectifier diode can be found in almost all power supply and changes an alternating current into the pulsating current. Therefore, almost all power supplies and electrical devices that draw energy from sources of variable. The main parameters to which one should pay attention when choosing the relevant parts are, in particular, the maximum conduction current, maximum voltage rear view, time to determine the reverse current and the capacity and end maximum temperature of the connector. the main satisfaction

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