Rectifier diode

Rectifier diode is a semiconductor device designed for rectifying AC power and other electrical signals. Charger is an electronic device that converts alternating current (AC), which periodically reverses direction, to direct current (DC), which flows in only one direction. This process is called editing, because it "pulls" the direction of current flow. Chargers have a lot of applications, but mainly find their application as elements of DC power systems and high voltage DC transmission. The charger can also perform other functions than just the output direct current, for use as an energy source. Led fix can be used as a detector of radio signals or to determine the presence of flame, for example, in gas heating systems.

Led semi-conductors h-plane

Markets semiconductors led h planar, this device is most often silicone - use in their activities the so-called connector PN. The interface between the two parts of the semiconductor domieszkowanego type P or type N. the Impurity semiconductor has the task to develop the imbalance of power by changing the carrier concentration. In the case of the semiconductor domieszkowanego for P-type - positive - increases the concentration of positive carriers - holes and in the case of the semiconductor domieszkowanego for N-type - negative - increase in carrier concentrations of negatively charged electrons. Through the connector so the current can flow only in one direction, so that the led will “straighten” the signals.

Typical application circuit the led bridge rectifier

Semiconductor diodes, which are used as rectifiers, often operate in one of two main chips - rectifier jednopołówkowego (półokresowego) or charger dwupołówkowego (pełnookresowego). The charger jednopołówkowym, only positive or negative half wave przewodzona, and the other half is blocked. Because only half the input wave reaches to output the average voltage of the output signal of such a system is lower than the input voltage. Straightening półfalowe requires a separate diode in the circuit of single phase or three phase. These rectifiers produce a pulsating direct current with high ripple and require much larger filters to eliminate interference from the output. In turn, the charger pełnofalowy turns the entire stroke of the input DC - it uses both halves of the input sine wave and gives a higher average output voltage . It consists of four (for the system single-phase) or six (for three-phase system) LEDs in the configuration of the so-called bridge Graetza. Rectifier dwupołówkowy can significantly reduce the output ripple.

The main parameters for rectifier diode

Led fix charakteryzowana many options, but only a few are required for proper selection of it for our layout. First and foremost, you need to pay attention to the maximum voltage, and maximum led current. These parameters must not exceed in order not to damage the diodes of the rectifier - it is good to find LEDs with higher to have some margin. Further, it is worth to check what the voltage drop across the diode (in the direction of conduction) is the value multiplied by the flowing current, will give us the power losses that would be on the element is converted into heat - they can't exceed the maximum allowable level of power loss on the diode, otherwise you will burn it during operation.