Robots in our time, much more complex design than even a few years ago, the advances in technology have significantly improved these machines. Currently, it is not only simple toys , like controlled cars, boats or planes, it is now also complex robots, walking, robotic arm or machine operating with patients in the hospital. In our online shop we offer a wide range of robots and components. You will definitely find here something for themselves.


  • Educational robots Educational robots

    Developmental robots - a Proposal for people who want to start learning robotics and programming , or to give such a robot of their own children. We offer robots, developing of various kinds. In the form of blocks for stacking , the modules connect with magnets , allowing...

  • Robots additionally Robots additionally

    Forever gone are the days when for making your own mobile robot or robotycznego hands had painstakingly connect the engine and gearbox removed from printers or mechanical toys. Today the range of ready sets to represent is so broad that every fan, student or even a...

  • Educational toys Educational toys

    Who among us has not dreamed in childhood that some of our toys came alive, and she could accompany us during various experiments or Playground? Modern electronic educational toys for children are doing just that! And have additional huge advantage: in a friendly manner...

  • Chassis for robots Chassis for robots

    Chassis for robots Category, without which no robot would be mobile and could move. Chassis for robots equipped, as a rule, wheels or tracks for easy movement over rough terrain. Our shop offers You wide range of choice for the construction of robots. We have also finished...

  • Accessories mechanical Accessories mechanical

    Mounting elements, such as wheels and frames and drives in the form of electric motors innings.

  • The robot controllers The robot controllers

    The robot controllers Control of the machine is a very important question, I think no one would like not to have power over myself built a robot? We offer control modules for robots. Selection of the appropriate controller and system is important - in case of doubt, You can...


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Products by page

Products by page

Robots – wide range of applications

In our store we offer various kinds of robots, and among them, among other things, educational, secondary, or remote control. In addition to cars we offer controllers, accessories and chassis for robots. In this section you will also find electric skateboards, which recently strongly gaining popularity. The development of technology allowed to create fast and reliable boards for everyday use. The fastest ones can reach speeds over 60 km/h.

Robots learn and play.

Our range includes robots, educational games that can be used already in kilkulatków. This is a very interesting form of learning programming, mechanics and robotics through play. This is the best form of education - doesn't seem deterred by how difficult cramming schemes. In the proposal we have robots in the form of pads for stacking, robots drawing, or supported by using mobile apps are just some of our proposals. Check out the rest for yourself and give your children a toy that will be their precision and abstract thinking.

Robots as complex machines

In the section robots is one of the site advanced robots that through its professional construction can be used in complex projects. Here you will find robots, walking, balansujące whether floating line. Kits for self-Assembly and programming, as well as the finished car for work or entertainment. We offer equipment of different type, thanks to which you are going to build any project. The hands of robots or platforms, offline to help you work or casual Affairs - enough of them appropriate to program and use. Robots for combat, is a branch of the entertainment acquired in popularity in our country - you will find them in our store.

Robots - small parts

Creating the robot, the necessary core components such as control module, chassis, motor drivers or the accelerometer and gyroscope. All of these accessories and many others available in our online store Botland. Well designed and built robots able to significantly improve our quality of life. We invite all fans of robotics and mechatronics to browse our extensive assortment of robots and accessories.