Robots a few years ago were only toys that are supplied to users entertainment. Such that it can be included remote-controlled cars or planes and boats – for the more advanced designs zaliczano small layouts, reminiscent of the human body that were not able to perform simple actions (e.g., click on the lamp switch or move a pencil) and the drone with the possibility of video recording.


  • Educational robots Educational robots

    Educational robot kits enable gaining knowledge in technical fields such as mechatronics, robotics, and programming. Thanks to the IT classes that were introduced to schools over a dozen years ago, today's youth can easily take advantage of the possibilities offered by...

  • Advanced robots Advanced robots

    Robots walking , hurrying along the line , vehicle fighting , and the shoulders of the robots, and many other complex structures.

  • Educational toys Educational toys

    Robots, cars and other constructions intended for the youngest fans of the world of technology.

  • Robot chassis Robot chassis

    Chassis of wheeled and tracked to build mobile robots.

  • Mechanical accessories Mechanical accessories

    Mounting elements, such as wheels and frames and drives in the form of electric motors innings.

  • Robot controllers Robot controllers

    Modules, controlling the motion of robots. When designing the robot, it is necessary to consider the possibility of management of them. Without the appropriate system controller, the entire structure will not be able to receive signals and commands. We invite you to...


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Products by page

Products by page

In Botland offer you can find not only ready-made models of robots to use, but also individual modules that should be found both in main and secondary structures. We also design solutions, thanks to which your robot will be able to move freely and overcome obstacles! Start today your adventure with robotics, and who knows, maybe you will become a pioneer of new technology!

Where people can't send their work

Today robots are quite different – not only able to entertain users and to provide them with simple actions, but they can replace us on the exact tasks that would be impossible to carry enough experienced people. Examples are, in particular, hands that able with great precision, soldering, welding, laser cut shapes in hard and soft material, ironed, and even to use the technology of 3D printing! Another example can be chose, which are used to explore dangerous places, or sent into space! Equipment them in the camera, allows you to fully explore the area, the situation and possible danger, no damage to the crew.

An excellent example of the products that facilitate our lives, are like automatic vacuum cleaners that drive themselves around the house, getting rid today is dust and dirt – equipped with sensors obstacles, knows where the stairs or element, which can hit so accurately it is bypassed.