Who doesn't love robots? Certainly, programmable electronics enthusiasts and visionaries love them. This product category is one of the main 'hearts' of the Botland online store. We present you... a robots!


  • Educational robots Educational robots

    It is not true that kids do not like learning. They can love it just as much as anybody, provided that they learn something interesting in a novel, engaging way. Educational robots are perfect for achieving this!

  • Robots additionally Robots additionally

    Construction of robots is becoming simpler and simpler. The days when you had to laboriously combine motors and gears removed from printers or mechanical toys to build your own robot are gone definitively. Currently, there are a lot of components on the market created...

  • Educational toys Educational toys

    Who has never dreamed in the childhood time on a toys around us that are coming into alive just like that? Or on that they could accompany us during various experiments and games? Nowadays, the impossible becomes possible due to technological progress!

  • Sets the Sets the

    The Botland store offer is increasingly used not only by individual users, but also companies, research institutions, and technology startups. We also equip schools and science clubs with our electronic products (check the subcategory above!). Therefore, at this point we...

  • Chassis for robots Chassis for robots

    An element without which no robot would be mobile and could not move. Of course, we're talking about robot chassis.

  • Accessories mechanical Accessories mechanical

    Mechanical accessories are the foundation in robotics. Even the most advanced technologies and modules could not function without basic mechanical accessories. This group includes many different elements that are standard parts of most robots. The chassis robot, wheels and...

  • The robot controllers The robot controllers

    Robot controllers are one of the most important components when it comes to creating a comprehensive robot. Machine control is a very important issue. The development of artificial intelligence makes controllers more complex. There are more and more functions that need to be...


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Products by page

Products by page

Robots are now much more advanced constructions than just a few years ago. The amazing technological progress has allowed these machines to be significantly improved. Just a few years ago, nobody thought that robots could be created properly by everyone. Today, in turn, we are increasingly wondering when futuristic computer game narratives will become reality and robots will accompany us every day and in everything.

Either way, robots are now not just simple toys such as controlled cars, boats or planes. Robots are complex, multi-functional and intelligent machines. There are many variants you can choose from. If you're looking for a fun robot, you can choose advanced walking robots with robotic arms. Companies that invest capital in robotics are choosing somewhat similarly – works are already underway on robots that will precisely operate patients in hospitals. In our online store we offer a wide selection of robots and accessories for them. You will certainly find something for yourself here!

Learn how to programme with robots with a lot of fun!

We offer various types of robots in our store. Among the presented products you will find educational robots, advanced multi-task robots and remote-controlled robots. There are also robot robots, e.g. animal robots.

Educational robots that can be used by several years are very popular. It's not just fun. Such robots allow a very interesting form of learning programming, mechanics and robotics. Learning takes place through play. As you know, this is the best form of education. The child is not bored, but remains involved and curious. By pure pleasure kid begins to learn how robots work, so it learns what programming is about, what the robot operating system is, how individual mechanical parts of the robot work. As a result, such fun can turn into a fascinating passion, which is much better than swoting programming and getting bored and bored.

In our category you will also find robots that can be arranged in the form of blocks. We also offer the purchase of drawing robots that the child can operate using a mobile application. Check the rest for yourself and give your children a toy that will develop their precision and abstract thinking.

Robots are advanced creatures

In the robots category, one of the subcategories are advanced robots, which through their professional construction can be used in complex projects. You will find robots walking, balancing or following the line here.

Such robots are used not only for education and fun. They are used in industry, business and science. They are used as part of advanced IoT (Internet of Things) projects.

In addition to machines, we offer controllers, accessories and chassis for robots. In this section you will also find electric skateboards, which are gaining popularity recently. The development of technology has allowed the construction of fast and solid boards for everyday use. The fastest of them can reach speeds over 60 km / h.

Make your own robot!

In this category you will find mainly ready projects. However, the entire Botland store contains a lot of products that are used as components to create your own projects. These can be practical projects to control lighting and other home systems (IoTs). It may well be scientific or just fun projects. Some robots can be modified so that you can upgrade your machine! Choose components and additional modules, start creating the machines you dreamed of. It's all available now - all you have to do is buy the right components and robots.

We encourage you to check the sets for self-assembly and programming, as well as ready-made machines for work or play. We offer various types of equipment that will help you build any project. Robotic arms or autonomous platforms will help in work and everyday activities. All you have to do is program them properly. We invite you to place orders!