Pogo Pin

Testing of electronic devices is an art, especially if we have a whole production line, which has created hundreds of cubic meters per hour. Each individual module should be tested to damaged devices were not included in the target customers. If the validation of electronic systems is an art, is the painter of the Pogo Pin. This clever, spring-loaded pin is designed to connect the DUT with the system instrumentation, which is the heart of the post, check. The use of Pogo Pins provides optimum contact with a field test on the PCB for easy and automated use.


Conn Type
Conn - Standard

Spring pins for test fields

Pogo pins – spring pins – type mechanism of the electrical connector. It is used in many applications in electronic systems, or in industry, especially in the factories for testing electronics. The name of the pogo pin is derived from the similarity of the connector on the toy, the pogo stick. Built-in spiral spring in the bolt, exerts a constant normal force on the rear portion of the contact plate on the end of a thorn. Due to the fact that the connector prevents any unwanted movement of elements which otherwise could break the connection. Pogo pins are used because of better strength compared to other electrical contacts and resistance of this type of connection to mechanical shock and vibration. The ends of these contacts are typically chiseled not requiring forms and allows to produce small volumes at a lower cost, while providing greater flexibility as to the form of this element pogo-pins.

A wide variety of forms of contacts and field test

Depending on the test form field, or other place where the tip of the test studs shall be installed, used various forms of tips. Most often used pogo contacts with a slightly rounded or pointed ends. This kind of studs is suitable for contact with flat brim or what przelotkami. Especially in the case of field test practical to use the hard pogo pins because they can break through the layer of flux, oxides or possible contaminants on the surface of printed circuit BOARDS. Some pins have a test, for example, concave edges that could have easily contacted, such as the legs of the elements through installation.

Wide application in the testing system and beyond

Of course, the use of pogo pins do not end on the automated testing of electronic systems. This kind of elements can be applied in many other constructions. Uses them to create airtight connections. Enough to put a pin on the hull that it was possible to connect, for example, the charger. Spring pin connectors are used for connection between printed circuit boards in systems wielopłytkowych. Just on the same BOARD to put the solder (in the form of a gilded fields on a printed circuit BOARD or przylutowanych special gold-plated plaques), and on the other to solder the pogo pins. This solution provides a number of advantages, for example, the possibility of rapid Assembly and disassembly of separate printed circuit BOARDS or high resistance to vibration.