Power modules

Food is a very important part of any electronic equipment. The stability of the output voltage of the adapter and its current performance are often the success of the project and define its work. It is possible, however, to point out a significant issue which is of particular importance in prototypowaniu – the vast majority of electronic circuits uses a similar if not the same solutions in the field of power supply circuits. The design of the Converter or of the system of linear stabilizers for each prototype separately does not make sense – much quicker to act, work on the project if you follow the universal power supply available in our extensive range of products.

Products by page

Products by page

Power adapters

With the increasing number of mobile devices available on the market, up the trunks of well as the number of chargers. Almost every car sold today is either a dedicated charging device (most likely USB), or, at least, with a corresponding micro-USB cable, or – increasingly – USB-C. Due to this, unused charger can also be used as a power source for your system. The problem, however, with connection – no USB connector (even in version przewlekanej), not suitable for the circumference of the location of the contact plates. Therefore, in our offer we have placed easy-to-use power modules that contains the USB port and solder pads for goldpinów, which easily can be inserted into the plate fixing. We also have a similar adapter other popular connectors, including the connector IDC10 adapter (this uses standard Kanda ISP connector for programming AVR microcontrollers) or ARK4.

Power modules for contact plates

For users of the contact plates, we have prepared a wide range of power modules, design and size are extremely facilitate the construction of layout prototypes and training. Thanks goldpinom mounted on the bottom side of the modules, these tiles are easy to connect to the power rails in a conventional contact plates – this solution saves a lot of time and is reduces the risk of errors, and a variety of input connectors allows to work with blocks of DC power, USB devices and computer. In the latter case, you only need to keep in mind to use with caution ports PC custom layouts and, in any case, one should examine the behavior and the system's power consumption to another power supply, before connecting it to the computer.

Other power supply units

In our offer you will find also a big selection of converters pulsed DC/DC, which provide voltage conversion up (type converters step-up, also called boost) or down (step-down, in. tank). Some converters (buck-boost) can supply a certain output voltage (e.g. 5V DC) when used with any voltage in the supported layout and it can be both below and above the output voltage. This type of power modules is particularly appreciated wherever there is a need to use voltage source variable or uncertain parameters – for example, batteries or solar panels.