Power modules

Every electronic circuit needs the right power supply for it to work at all. However, it depends on its parameters how efficient it will be and how long the device will last. Correct operation is significantly determined by the current efficiency of the power supply output voltage and its stability. It can be noted, however, that most electronic circuits use very similar power supply solutions. For this reason it is good to use universal power supply modules when building a system of linear stabilizers or converters. In Botland's offer it is available in different variants. Individual models differ in some parameters, which allows to adjust the power supply module to specific conditions and design requirements. In the shop you will also find numerous accessories, such as power supply adapters, thanks to which it is possible to supply several different devices regardless of the spacing of the contact plate holes. Use our power supply modules for contact plates as well as suggestions for other applications.

Products by page

Products by page

Power supply modules in Botland

In our offer there are mainly power supply modules for contact plates. They are characterized by a special design and dimensions, which are adapted for quick and trouble-free construction of prototype systems. They are also useful for beginners at the stage of robotics and electronics exercises. On the underside of the modules there are goldpins, thanks to which the board will be connected to power supply rails, which are located in standard contact plates. Thanks to this we definitely reduce the risk of possible error. In addition, we have many different input connectors at our disposal, thanks to which we can cooperate with DC power supplies, computers and USB chargers. If you plan to connect a computer, you should check beforehand the current consumption of the system under another power source. We also use the ports carefully when connecting the circuits.

Not only power supply modules typical for contact plates are available. We also offer a large selection of DC pulse inverters, which allow you to convert power supply voltages up or down. These are step-up (boost) and step-down (buck) type converters. There are inverters that can provide a specific output voltage if we supply them with any voltage that is supported by a particular system. We use them especially when there is a need to use a voltage source with unstable or variable parameters. This applies to solar batteries as well as batteries.

Power supply adaptors for contact plates

Power supply adapters are of great importance when powering contact plates. Today, every electrical device is charged using a dedicated charger, which usually has a USB connector or is equipped with a micro USB or USB C cable. This makes such a charger applicable to more than one device. It is universal and can be used not only with the device to which it is attached. No USB socket, however, matches the spacing of the contact plate holes. For this reason we recommend special power supply modules with USB socket and soldering pads for goldpins that match the contact plate spacing.

There are also other adapters available in the Botland store that are compatible with other popular connectors, such as the IDC10 sockets. This is the standard used in the case of the ISP Kanda connector for programming AVR and ARK4 microcontrollers.

Explore our range of power supply modules, which includes mainly proposals for contact plates. We also have a wide selection of adapters and modules for devices where voltage sources with unstable or variable parameters should be used. Individual models differ in key parameters for power supply. So you can precisely select the module that best fits your project and meets its technical standards.