Starter kits for Arduino

Starter kits for Arduino this is all you need to start an exciting adventure with electronics. We offer You products that are ideal for beginners and less experienced enthusiasts create your own designs. Modules together with the elements that facilitate the beginning of the adventure with Arduino.


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Starter kits for Arduino available in our store in several versions, versions, basic and advanced. One of the most popular is the extended StarterKit with Arduino Uno module. In the kit you will find: the latest module with Atmega328 microcontroller, a set of LEDs, a set of resistors, the contact plate 830 fields, fotorezystor, temperature sensor, USB A-B cable, LCD display 16 x 2 and the DC motor. Thank you so richly equipped with a set you can have in the beginning can easily create your first program.

Starter kits for Arduino allow you to create simple electronic circuits. This gives you a valuable experience and knowledge being a Foundation for the more complex projects at a later time.

Other our offer is a Great StarterKit for Arduino, i.e. one of the starting sets, including up to 47. In the kit there are no tiles on the Arduino, which, however, gives the user greater freedom of choice one of the multiple versions, also available in our offer.

Arduino is characterised by its friendly environment and a simple programming language. This is a very good solution to start, for those who just start learning and gain experience in programming and creating electronic circuits. Starter kits for Arduino for a few years, changed, modified and improved. Due to this, novice users can use with a few solutions designed specifically for them. Arduino is still evolving, surprising new features and technologies.

Select the starter kit is ideal for yourself. It can also be an interesting gift for a loved one interesting electronics and programming.