Starter kits for Arduino

Exploring a new field requires access to teaching materials and necessary equipment. Arduino Starter Kits are specially created kits that facilitate learning to code. As in any case, at the beginning it is worth equipping yourself with valuable books and textbooks (you will also find them in our Botland store). However, programming electronics requires additional practical elements for exercises. This is why Arduino Starter Kits were created! Arduino starter kits are an ideal proposition for beginners in programmable electronics. For relatively little money you get a perfect start set that will help you understand how electronics works, provide plenty of education and fun! The electronic parts in the Arduino starter kits are fully compatible with the other components. By purchasing the Arduino starter kit, you get a full set of tools needed to get started. In this category you will find starter kits for Arduino that will allow you to start learning programming immediately!


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Products by page

Arduino Starter Kits and Forbot sets

Programmable electronics is a great hobby and an ideal way to learn coding. For advanced users, it is also possible to create your own robots. In this category you will find sets that allow you to build any initial electronic projects. Arduino Starter Kits enable learning programming from a scratch in a practical and accessible way. Additional electronic parts that you buy in the future will completely match those in the kit (full compatibility).

What's more, we also offer sets of the renowned Forbot manufacturer that match other Arduino components. A great proposition would be "Forbot Kit: DIY Master". The sets are packed in very handy, small suitcases that are used to securely store your electronics. You will find in them all the necessary elements such as contact plates, connection cables and other electronic components. As soon as you open the box, you start the adventure with Arduino – you don't have to wait a moment! Also noteworthy is the fact that you get access to courses published on the portal of the Forbot manufacturer, associating enthusiasts of amateur robotics!

SparkFun Starter Kits

Programmable electronics are becoming more and more popular and it is hardly surprising. Therefore, naturally, there are more and more companies that offer high-quality electronics sets. The SparkFun company is a perfect example of this.

In this category you will also find excellent starter sets for Arduino manufactured by the well-known company SparkFun. Check out SparkFun Inventor’s Kit v4.0 if you are looking for the necessary elements to build the first constructions. The kit includes a RedBoard base plate, which was modeled on the Arduino Uno Rev. 3. The kit does also provide you with a metal mounting plate, screw plug, many electronic components, engines and rubber wheels. Creating your own remote-controlled vehicle will not be a problem with SparkFun starter kits!

DFRobot Mega D3 Kit – lots of possibilities

One of the most advanced starter kits for Arduino, available in our store, is the DFRobot Mega D3 Kit. The set includes the DFRduino Mega 2560 base board, which is 100% compatible with the same original Arduino version (Arduino Mega 2560 board). In the DFRobot Mega D3 Kit you will also find lots of modules and useful overlays, e.g. Motor Shield, Ethernet Shield and Mega IO Expansion Shield. All of these overlays will help you in building your own – even the most advanced – projects.

Motor Shield will give you more opportunities to create mobile projects based on engines. Ethernet Shield will help in creating Ethernet connections between the robot and the computer or other integrated circuits. Mega IO Expansion Shield is actually a whole collection of smaller overlays. You get lots of options that help with connecting input and output devices (I/O devices). In addition, you also receive digital and analogue sensors (DFRobot Gravity series).

Start your adventure with electronics now. Buy the perfect sets for yourself or your loved ones!