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Starter kit Arduino - Learning new industry requires access to teaching materials and necessary equipment. If in the case of Arduino , there are many wonderful books (most of them you will find in our offer) and online courses, equipment and facilities necessary to save in their field. But what to do to very little money to get the whole range of electronic components, while providing full compatibility and availability of all parts in the kit? If you want to quickly start the adventure with the Arduino without the need for travel acquisition of parts for the science – you are in the right place. In this category you will find kits for Arduino, which allows You to immediately start to learn.


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Products by page

Starter kits for courses Forbot

In this category you will find a collection of items, designed to implement the free courses programming Arduino done on the portal of Amateur robotics All sets Packed in a convenient case that after completing the course can be used to store other items of equipment of the workshop. The kits contain all the necessary electronic components, wire and plate contact, and some even attached universal mounting stand and gadgets bearing the logo of Forbot. Starter kits for Arduino brand Forbot immediately after opening the box before the start of training. No need to painstakingly collect all items and worry about whether a module or component is suitable for Your version of Arduino.

Starter kit SparkFun

In our offer there were also a great starter kits for Arduino, by well-known and most popular company SparkFun. Kit SparkFun Inventor's Kit v4.0 includes a set of required elements, including a base plate RedBoard based on Arduino Uno Rev. 3, two engine ogumionymi wheels and main electronic elements, in turn, all adds a metal washer and mounting special screwdriver. All this Packed in a durable, very aesthetic suitcase lined with sponge protective. The set also includes a book which step by step will introduce You to the world of programming embedded systems.

DFRobot Mega D3 Kit – a huge opportunity and power additives

One of the most powerful starter kits for Arduino, available in our offer, DFRobot Mega D3 Kit. In the kit you will find both the base plate (DFRduino Mega 2560 compatible with the same version of the original, Italian tiles Arduino Mega 2560) as the number of modules and overlays (including the Motor Shield and the Ethernet Shield and Mega IO Expansion Shield). The set also includes a rich selection of digital and analog sensors series DFRobot Gravity. All this while several dozen items Packed in aesthetic plastic suitcase, ideal for self-study and for sprezentowania another person.