HID devices (Human Interface Devices) are nowadays used every day by everyone to interact with digital technology. This is perhaps the most popular category of peripherals electronic devices. This group includes devices such as a TV remote control, game console controller, computer mouse or keyboard.

In addition to PCs, keyboards are also used in many other devices. A perfect example will be ATMs, cash registers, landline telephones, door stations, control and automation devices and many more. Of course, the computer keyboards themselves are different from each other. We can distinguish, for example, classic keyboards for desktop computers (wireless keyboards, wired keyboards), laptop keyboards, keyboards attached to a TV, game console, smartphone, as well as professional gaming or specialized keyboards.

In this category, you can choose from dozens of different keyboards. All products are characterized by attractive prices and the highest quality of workmanship. The Botland store offers a wide selection of small keyboards at an affordable price, allowing you to build a simple control interface for your project.


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Products by page

Products by page

Which keyboard is the best? Classic and gaming keyboards

First of all, define your needs to choose the keyboard that will suit you best. When it comes to 'hard' criteria, it is worth considering the type of keyboard in the context of how it is constructed.

The traditional keyboard is the most popular variant - as the name suggests - to perform standard activities. In such devices we only find basic functions, but they are sufficient if someone needs a keyboard only to perform simple activities at the computer. The multimedia keyboard will work slightly differently. Multimedia keyboards are equipped with both ordinary keys and special, multifunctional buttons. Multimedia keyboards were very popular a few years ago, now the latest stage in the evolution of this type of device are specialized gaming keyboards. Equip yourself with a gaming keyboard and give you an advantage over other online players! Besides, the rest will then be simply more comfortable.

Of course, it is also worth highlighting other types of specialized keyboards. A good example will be numeric keyboards, keyboards mounted on industrial computers, ATMs or CAD machines.

How do keyboards work? Mechanical and membrane keyboards

Other types of keyboards, due to the way they are built, are membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards. The most popular products have a membrane, which is - to simplify - a plastic mesh / shell with microcircuits that send information to the motherboard when a given button is pressed. The buttons on a typical membrane keyboard are arranged in the form of columns and rows. For example, a 3X4 keyboard has three columns and three rows, and a 4X4 keyboard has four rows and four columns.

Membrane keyboards are very cheap and silent. The buttons work a bit slower, however, each button of such a keyboard is correlated (by the membrane) with others. There is a membrane button between each key.

A completely different mechanism was implemented in mechanical keyboards. In this case, each button is a separate, individual structure. As a result, the buttons are very springy and do not need to be pressed to the bottom. The disadvantage is the higher volume during use. Nevertheless, most professional gaming keyboards are mechanical devices.

It is worth to notice that there is a kind of compromise. It is about membrane-mechanical keyboards. The design of the device includes rubber elements and an individual mechanical switch.

Keyboards – perfect help for embedded systems

Are you fascinated by programmable electronics and you are familiar with names such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino? Then you should know how important even the most standard keyboards may be in context of your own DIY electronic projects!

Keyboards allow the user to enter input while the program is executing a set of instructions and commands. The Botland store also offers keyboard modules compatible with Arduino. I also propose a special Keypad electronic library. The keyboard will be a great addition to the design that will allow you to conveniently control the software. Now choose the keyboard you need the most!