Device type HID (eng. Human Interface Devices) in our time, used every day by us in interaction with digital technologies. Among them you will find devices such as, for example, a remote control, game console, computer mouse or keyboard. In addition to the PC keyboard are also used in many other devices such as ATMs, cash registers, phones, intercoms, control and automation and many more. The store Botland you will find a wide selection of smaller keyboards at an affordable price, allowing to build a simple management interface for Your project.


Switch - type2
Switch - shape
Switch - backlight

How to operate the keyboard?

The buttons on a normal membrane keyboard, arranged in rows and columns. For example, the 3X4 keyboard has three columns and three rows, and the 4X4 keypad has four rows and four columns. Between each key is a button membrane. Each button in the row is connected to switches on other series through the conductive path of the signal. Each button in a column is connected in the same way - unilaterally, with other switches of the same column through a conductive path. For each row and each column has a separate output for the transmission of control signals, which means that the keyboard size 4X4, you will need 8 outputs. When the button is pressed, closes the circuit between the line and the column and causes a current flow control between the corresponding conclusions for row and column.

The keyboard is ideal for working with systems built in

The keypads allow the user to enter input data, at a time when the program executes a set of instructions and orders. Botland store also offers modules keyboard, compatible with Arduino, and for this purpose has also been developed by the appropriate library Keypad. The keyboard is often used as input device to Arduino, and diaphragm models are the affordable solution for many applications - are characterized by small thickness and easy to install on multiple devices.