RFID modules

RFID technology still elicits huge controversy since the emergence of this form of data transmission via radio waves, can cause doubts about privacy and security. RFID readers, however, are present on the market for many years, which facilitates our daily life and simple actions that would not have been possible without this equipment.


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Products by page

Products by page

In our store You will find a range that allows you to create simple or advanced systems based on RFID technology. We, in particular, such elements as:

  • modules ready to install the reader
  • RFID chips of different sizes and capabilities
  • RFID readers
  • keychains,
  • IDs.

RFID readers - for example, that the introduction of automation for homes, office buildings and businesses has never been so easy!

Readers RFID in everyday life automation and robotics – protect your company If someone wants to get rid of burdensome intercoms in companies or at the front Desk, which every time should check the passes and employee cards, RFID is the perfect choice. Simple enough and a small chip, reader and Arduino or Raspberry! Doors can also be equipped with a simple system to automatically open the lock, and if the system detects the card, the authorized person for entry, just to open them.

People who have ever found yourself in a situation of loss of suitcase or bag airlines will surely appreciate the fact that RFID readers are used during baggage inspection. A similar situation is, in particular, the application of this technology in medicine, because the equipment is equipped with a sensor, much faster and easier to track with impressive accuracy – sometimes an important moment in the struggle for life, and the search means, of course, is not a positive vision.

Examples of the use of RFID technology in daily life abound, so don't be afraid of it – the worst is the enemy we do not know, but he could be our friend.