Motor drivers HighPower

There are many applications that require electric motors with high or very high power. Such systems also require drivers HighPower engines to properly control the operation of the driver. Such electric motors are used in devices such as large and medium sized lathes, numerical, robots and in simulation. Available in our store motor drivers work with engines with current work to a few tens of amperes. Because of this, you will definitely find in the directory Botland driver is suitable for almost each type of engine that you want to manage.


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Products by page

Motor drivers high power

On offer are Botland motor drivers high power is designed to supply DC motors with high current consumption. Drivers HighPower engines equipped with many additional features to help you manage them so large loads. In particular, the drivers and the maximum allowable output current of a powerful system of cooling of the active elements of the driver. These modules are equipped with a wide range of control interfaces, from simple digital lines, through models and management interfaces such as SPI or I2C, popular in mikrokontrolerach to additional drivers engines and USB interfaces, or for radio controls.

Modules with built-in motor controller

Some of the drivers HighPower motors have built in controllers of rotation and do not require connection to external microcontrollers or a PC jednopłytkowego to control the engine speed. This kind of motor drivers ideal for power supply of electric drives, for example, in machine tools, spindles, grinding machines and drills. They work during the whole time of the technological process with the same rate. Even wiercąc hole in the wall, no need to change the rotation speed. On the other hand, if the same drill you want to drill a hole in a wooden Board or aluminum kształtowniku, you need to find another robot. It is ideally suited motor drivers with built-in controller that can be managed using the handle.