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The SD card has enabled the miniaturization of data storage and are used in particular, camcorders, music players, mobile phones, tablets or computers. What is different between these storage media is the physical size, speed class and capacity card. In cameras, SD cards are often used as RAM and other devices, i.e. phones, tablets or computers – provide an extension to the standard internal memory. The store Botland you will find the right SD card for Your device.


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Products by page

Products by page

Speed class memory card

Parameter, to which you should pay attention to when choosing SD card to suit your needs is its speed class. For example, if you are a professional photographer using your digital SLR and save photos in RAW format with high resolution, the most suitable choice will map the highest class speed ensuring the shortest possible recording time of the image between successive fotografowaniami. SD card higher speed class is also suitable when recording high-definition video and direct recording. If you need a memory card for your phone or portable music player, the speed class of cards, then a much less important parameter. SD cards are produced in four grades of speed – 10, 6, 4 and 2. Class 10 is the highest speed class SD card this category are recommended for recording movies in full HD. And class 2 is the lowest speed class and enough to record video in standard definition. A SD card class 4 and 6 will be a good choice if you are recording video in HD. If you're shooting in 4K, the perfect card UHS class 1 or 3.

Selection of SD memory cards under the construction of your device

SD cards are mass-produced is available in three housing sizes. The standard SD card has dimensions of 32.0x24.0x2.1 mm, weighs 2.0 grams and is marked ucięciem the upper right corner of the case. Card type miniSD, a smaller size and the cost is 21.5x20.0x1.4 mm, the weight is only 0.8 g, but currently it is the least used type of SD memory card, suitable mainly for older mobile phones, and it was superseded by map microSD card, size 15.0x11.0x1.0 and weighing in at a quarter gram. This kind of map is particularly popular among users of tablets and smartphones. The physical size of the card must be adapted to the size of the memory card slot in the device. If you want to insert the microSD card into the device, which has a slot for a standard,big” SD card will need a special adapter to conform.

The possibility of storing data on SD cards

In the same way as USB Flash drives, hard drives, SSDS and other storage media and also SD card is characterized by a capacity, i.e. their ability to accumulate data. SD cards are different standards of capacity. Among them, there SDSC - part capacity from 1 MB to 2 GB. At a later time, there is a standard SDHC card, which contains cards with capacity from 2GB to 32 GB and the last is SDXC, which span the color range from 32 GB to 2 TB. In small mobile devices to expand internal memory, most often, selected card capacity of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Among these, most devices available on the domestic and foreign markets dominated by SDHC. Before selecting SD card make sure the settings of Your device will allow her cooperation in the presence of a class of speed, size and memory card capacity.

Examples pojemości memory cards

  • microsd memory card 8 GB - perfect for storing documents, a few movies or music files
  • microsd memory card 16GB - universal size, which will have a large amount of data and a smaller backup
  • memory card microsd 32 GB - it is a large capacity, but which will not allow You, for example, record all of Your data from the computer
  • microsd memory card 64 GB - capacity small disks, occur in the computer to store a large amount of data
  • memory card microsd 128GB - capacity large disk of computer