Motion sensors

Robots, mobile phones, automation, smart homes, and even monitoring and security of real estate – all these elements have many common denominators, one of which is a motion sensor, which is virtually the basis. If you want to create a unique design, you need to put on high-end hardware, and our goal is to provide these items for You.


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Products by page

Products by page

Motion detectors in every home

Sometimes even the outlet shopping or a trip to friends in town for the weekend is a great opportunity for thieves, who have long been watching this property. Cameras are a very useful element of the situation, but well-trained and experienced professionals, they knew that their distribution through the comments and deal with avoiding them so that facial recognition was impossible. A sensor which is installed to complete the activity, responding to any unwanted traffic in the room, thereby starting the alarm and inform the security services at a rapid pace, they will come on the scene.

The motion sensor is often one of the most important elements in alarm systems, so we encourage everyone to choose the best equipment for your property.

Use this small element of automation flats

Respectively installed a motion detectorconnected to the systems and systems based on minikomputerach (e.g. Arduino or Raspberry Pi), offers great opportunities of automation the apartment, car, or even yard. An example of an automatically-opening doors, Windows, shutters, blinds, and even lit the light.

Today, all stairwells have lights automatically turn on when motion is detected – so the same situation is, for example, in areas social. Something that was unusual peak technology, now we can meet around us. This inexpensive sensor can improve the quality of Your life, we invite you for the installation of the required systems, in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and even living room to daily duties, has ceased to be a nuisance!

The possibilities are endless! Find out about it on their own skin with the range represented in our store!