Motion sensors

Motion sensors (motion detector) are devices that are used to automate the operation of electrical equipment. Today, such a solution is already available in most homes. It is widely used for industrial purposes. Motion sensors are installed in production lines and more. In the case of individual use, it will be especially useful to purchase motion detectors in a situation where we want to have a modern apartment or create an intelligent home. Motion detectors are basic motion recording devices that are required for many Internet of Things projects. Then this inconspicuous element, which is the motion sensor, is absolutely necessary for the efficient functioning of the solutions used. The motion sensors we offer are of the highest quality and easy to use. We present various types of products in this category. If you are interested in programmable electronics, you will surely be pleased because the sensors are compatible with other systems, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi. In case of any problems, we will be happy to help and encourage you to contact our technical department.


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Products by page

Products by page

How does the motion sensor work?

First of all, the main task of motion sensors is to detect motion in the rooms and space where they are placed. Motion sensors detect infrared radiation and then activate a light or sound signal informing about the detection of movement in a given room. The operating range of the device depends mainly on the selected model, it ranges from 2 to even 11 meters. When choosing a motion detector, you should consider what its use is to be.

In this category you can buy various types of sensors. Some will be perfect for home use only, while others, more advanced motion sensors, will be perfect for enterprise alarm systems and other advanced automation projects. Some motion sensors are also available in a form dedicated to security systems. Such devices visually resemble cameras. In turn, other detectors have completely different shapes and can successfully be used as motion analyzers for your robot.

Technical parameters of motion sensors

In our offer you can find sensors whose sensor is supplied with voltage from 4.5 to 24 V. Moreover, the reaction time to movement is instant, which enables quick reaction to a threat. We also have various housings for the motion detector, which are made in 3D technology. When choosing a motion detector, it is also worth paying attention to the other parameters. What is important is the DC supply voltage and the power consumption in standby mode. From the functional point of view, device parameters such as the measuring range and the spectra angle are very important. Potentiometers are a key element of the equipment of some motion sensors. They allow the user to adjust the duration of the high state after the object is detected, as well as modify the sensitivity of the sensor (affecting the distance analyzed by the device).

Motion detectors – for factories, robots and homes

Motion sensors have a wide range of applications. These devices are used both by individual clients in Internet of Things projects and by corporate clients. Motion sensors are inseparable elements of various production parts, because they indirectly allow you to automate production. In the case of domestic applications, alarm systems will be a perfect example showing why motion detectors are so popular. Burglaries are common nowadays, and having an alarm with a motion sensor can save us from damage. As soon as motion is detected, the alarm in the house is activated and notifies the appropriate services about the threat. There are also lighting systems used in single family homes that also operate on the basis of detected movement. In this way, we save extra on electricity bills, because the lamp is not lit all the time - it illuminates our path only when it senses our movement.

Of course, motion detectors have many more applications that actually seem endless. Another example is walking robots. If you want to make a machine that recognizes changes in its environment, be sure to purchase a motion detector (compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi)!

The motion detector is an easy-to-install element that will improve your life. In addition, our store offers vibration or shock sensors, which also trigger a signal based on vibration detection. Motion detectors are not the only sensors that you should have in your workshop - see for yourself by checking the other categories in the Botland store!