Motion sensors

Motion sensors (motion detector)- a device that is designed to automate equipment maintenance electric. This is a popular solution that is currently already in most homes. Especially if we want to have a modern apartment, or to create a smart home. Then this invisible element as the motion sensor, it is absolutely necessary for the normal functioning of the solutions applied. We offer motion sensors are high quality and easy to use. In case of any problems, we would be happy to help and we encourage you to contact our technical Department.


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Products by page

Products by page

Technical parameters of the motion sensors

First of all, the task of the motion sensors is to detect motion in the room is in. Detects infrared radiation and then trigger a signal light or sound signal indicating that motion is detected in the room. Range depending on selected model varies from 2 to 11 meters. Depending on the purpose of the sensor and the function that it needs to fulfill – only for use with home, or maybe, for systems operating on the territory of enterprises. In our offer you can find State sensors in which the sensor is powered with voltage from 4.5 to 24 Volts. In addition, the response time to a movement-zipper that allows you to respond quickly to a threat. We also have a variety of cases for detector movement, which are made in 3D technology.

Motion sensors / motion detector - Application

Motion sensors have wide range of applications - from the individual after the commercial. An excellent example of the use of such a device as a motion detector home alarm. Currently, the break-ins are frequent and the presence of the alarm with a motion sensor that can protect us from harm. Immediately after the motion is detected, the alarm in the house and turns on to notify authorities about the threat. There are also lighting systems that are used in houses that also work on the basis of the detected motion. Thus, we also save on electricity bills because the light stays off all the time and lights the way only when he feels the movement. PIR motion detector is an item easy to install, which will improve Your life. In addition, our store has a range of vibration sensors or shock, which also activate the signal based on vibration detection. Motion sensors are not the only gauges that are worth to have in your workshop.