Joystick the joystick Module provides management of devices in three dimensions, i.e. X, Y and z Data odwzorowywujące deviations in the X and Y dimensions represent analog signals in the form of voltage, and the data odwzorowywujące deviations in dimension, in the form of a digital signal which when sent to a digital input in the database, according, for example, on the order of switching on or off the device, which is controlled by a joystick. Sticks offered in our store, allow you to build a control panel for a robot.


Switch - type2
Switch - shape
Switch - backlight

ZJak constructed and how the joystick works?

In order to communicate with the computer system measuring voltage, built-in joystick, check the deflection of the control lever along two axes - X-axis, which shows the deviation of the rod in the left and right sides and along the Y-axis, which shows the deviation of the joystick up and down. Due to the fact that the known coordinates of the position of the cross. In a classic joystick, joystick with integrated narrow shaft, which moves two rotating rollers, respectively, along the X-axis and y-axis the Transition to the transverse axis Y causes movement of the shaft along its axis, and change the transverse axis X causes rotation of the shaft. The movement diagonal, i.e. at an angle greater than 0° and less than 90° causes the inclusion in the movement of the two shafts. Built-in spring responsible for returning the control lever to the neutral position. To determine the transverse position of the joystick, the control system checks the position of each shaft of the potentiometer, connected under voltage auxiliary power supply. The voltage is constantly measured potencjometrach analog-to-digital Converter that provides processing information about the position of the joystick on the computer, allowing thus the transfer of appropriate control signals, e.g., a robot or a flight simulator.

Universal Joysticks for embedded systems

The store Botland you will find modules Joysticks equipped with electronic switches equipped with an interface compatible with Arduino. Among them you will find the Joystick a series of Groove that is very similar to the ones used in the PlayStation 2 console. The rectangular coordinates of the transverse joystick monitored voltage changes on two potencjometrach.