DC motors with gearbox

A DC motors (which means: direct current motors) are the basic elements of mechanical structures. Thanks to the use ofDC motors, various types of devices can be set in motion. The use of DC motors is so common that it is more than reasonable to say that everyone reading us now will surely have some object somewhere near that has a DC motor built in!


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Products by page

Products by page

Typical DC motors that are not equipped with a gearbox have a rotational speed of 1 to 3,000 rpm on the shaft. rpm In turn, the gear mounted on the motor shaft allows you to easily reduce the rotational speed to even a dozen rpm, so the difference is very noticeable. This solution allows the use of such an engine wherever a small number of revolutions is required. This is why, as we mentioned, these products are so popular. You will find them, for example, in models of electric railways or controlled cars.

The Botland store offers DC motors powered with voltages from 6V to 12V, equipped with both straight and angular gears. We offer engine models with various dimensions, rotational speeds and torques. We invite you to familiarize yourself with all the products below!

Geared electric DC motors – common and reliable

Motors presented in this category can be either gear units or gearless motors. As for the first variant, it is the most popular model. Examples?

An analog clock is a very good example of the use of a gearbox for an electric motor. The engine and clockwork mechanism must be so constructed as to be able to rotate at an appropriate speed. As for the seconds' hands, the output gear must drive them at exactly 1 RPM. Another great example is the wheel drive of a line-follower robot or similar walking robot that needs to move slowly enough to accurately follow the path. While the DC motor with the gearbox alone will deliver a speed of about 1000 rpm to the shaft, the mating gearing allows the speed to be reduced. This is crucial in such applications.

Geared DC motors can deliver high torque at a low speed, and their design is characterized by the fact that the torque increases as the speed slows down. Electric motors with a gear are used in cars, electromechanical clocks, washing machines, drills, as well as cranes and cable winches.

High-quality geared DC motors for robotics and more

You can purchase various types of DC motors in this category. Our offer is very diversified, because we offer models that differ in terms of parameters and manufacturers.

Brushed DC electric motors with gears made by the well-known Polou manufacturer deserve attention. These devices usually have a body diameter of 25mm and a shaft diameter of 4mm. You will find them in our Botland store in various variants when it comes to the engine ratio range - from 4.4: 1 to 499.0: 1 (torque from 0.6 kg * cm to 21.5 kg * cm).

All of the Pololu DC motors with a body diameter of 25mm require a power supply of 6V DC. Remember that overloading geared motors can cause them to wear faster and even damage them immediately. Excessive overloading of the motor and gears can also damage the windings and brushes of the motor, therefore, when selecting a motor with a gear, pay attention to the maximum current with a locked shaft.

Choose the DC motor you need – and Botland will help you with that!

The direct current electric motors are available in many variants and at attractive prices. DC motors (geared and without a gear) are devices that are not the most advanced, but understanding their operation, using them and implementing these elements in DIY projects requires some knowledge in the field of automation, electronics and robotics. It is certainly interesting that such products can be used for programmable electronics projects.

If you don't know what product to choose, just contact us. We love robotics and we will be happy to help you choose the right DC motor for your project. Be sure to also check out the other subcategories of the Botland store and don't forget to place an order!