DC motors with gearbox

Typical DC motors without a gearbox, get the shaft rotational speed of about 1-3 thousand. rpm Mounted on the motor shaft, reducer, allows in a simple way to reduce the speed to several tens rpm. This allows the use of such a motor wherever you need a small number of revolutions, e.g. for driving models of the electric bursts. The store Botland, you will find DC motors, fed by voltage from 6V to 12V, equipped as in reducers, straightand angled, with different sizes, speeds and torque.


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Products by page

Motors with gear - useful in many applications

A very good example of the use of reducer to motor, analog clock. Motor and clock mechanism, they should be built so as to rotate with sufficient speed, i.e. to specify odmierzającej seconds, the output gear needs to move with a speed exactly equal 1 rpm. Another example is a wheel drive robot line-follower, which has to go correspondingly slow to accurately track the trajectory of motion. While the DC motor in the system with reduction gear, provides for a shaft speed of approx. 1000 rpm, collaborative reducer serves to reduce this speed. DC motors with gear can provide large torque at low speed, and their design differs in that the torque increases when the speed of rotation slows down. Motors with gear, used in automobiles, Electromechanical clocks, washing machines, machine tools, and cranes and winches rope.

High quality DC motor with reducer to drive the robots

Brush-type DC motors with gear from Polou, with a diameter of 25 mm and a shaft diameter of 4 mm, available in store Botland in a wide range of gear ratios, from 4.4:1 to 499,0:1 and a torque of 0.6 kg*cm to 21.5 kg*cm Polou motors with a case diameter is 25 mm, require a supply voltage of 6V DC. It should be borne in mind that overloading the engines, transmission may lead to more rapid wear and even immediate damage. Excessive overload of the engine and transmission can also lead to damage the windings and brushes of the motor so when choosing the engine to the transmission, should pay attention to the maximum current at locked shaft.

Engine with gear box available in several versions and attractive prices.