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Robotics is an area that is developing rapidly and has a huge, still fully unused potential. In everyday life we more and more often meet with the cooperation of a man with a device, which performs many activities for him, facilitating his daily duties, but also work. The ability to grab, move and rotate is very desirable among innovative robots. For this reason, grapples and various types of grips are increasingly used in robot projects. They provide robots with new skills, are better able to help a person in specific activities, and it is easier to manipulate grabbed objects in different ways. Apart from grippers, we also offer gimbals for stabilizing a camera or a camera. They are used by professionals when filming important celebrations and events. They not only improve image quality, but also make it more comfortable and comfortable to operate the device for long hours. 

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Products by page

Use of gimbals  

Gimbals were made to stabilize the camera and were initially used for drones. Today they are available in different variants, which also determines their purpose. Hand-held gimbals are used for cameras, cameras, but also for smartphones. The most common are devices with stabilization in three axes. In case of less advanced models, stabilization is done in one or two axes. Gimbals are used by people who appreciate good quality memories from trips or important events. Moreover, they are essential equipment of every professional cameraman and photographer. When choosing a gimbal, you should focus on a few key parameters and features. The key ones are supported axes. If there is one axis, then gimbal supports the up-and-down axis, with two axes it can move up-and-down and right-left. There are also gimbals with three axes, that is additionally with the possibility of full panoramic camera rotation. The battery is also important, because the working time depends on it. If you plan to use it for a long time, it should also be light. 

Grippers in robotics 

Robots have acquired many human qualities and skills. They can not only move, and are even equipped with artificial intelligence, but can also carry smaller and larger objects. This is possible because of the grippers. Among the models that deserve special attention are grabs by Actobotics, which offer a wide range of jaw spreads, as from 70 mm up to 152 mm. Another option is the metal grapple from Robotic Claw MKII. Its great advantage is the spring clutch, which provides protection against servo overload. If you are looking for a gripper for extremely precise work that requires a lot of control over the gripping movement, the best option will be a parallel gripper equipped with a modified servomechanism supplemented with a special cable for feedback. This translates into more precise control of the robot arm movement. 

Grips for servomotors

Besides gimbals for stabilizing cameras and grippers for intelligent robots, we also have all kinds of grippers that have found their application in servos. You can use them to create any mechanism, such as the mechanism of robotic arms or pan/tilt. In our offer you can find all necessary mounting elements, which are perfect for inductive sensors. We also recommend motor supports showing compatibility with MakeBlock robots. All mechanical elements have numerous mounting holes, which definitely facilitates the realization of individual and most complicated projects. You match them perfectly to the specifics of your device and your own concept. 

Feel free to check out our offer, where you can find gimbals for stabilization of cameras and apparatus for everyday and professional use, grippers for robots improving their work, as well as holders for servos, which will allow you to create your own any mechanism.