Grabs, grapples, gimbale

Grabs, grapples, gimbale Skill for gripping objects and manipulating them in different ways is one of the most important evolutionary features of humans and other primates. Also in the field of robotics, the ability to move, rotate or mounting workpieces for treatment, control, or even the ordinary sort, it is highly desirable and often necessary. In this category you will find ready-holders and kits of parts for self Assembly and all necessary accessories and mechanical elements. Check also kits with which you can build your own mechanisms, pan/tilt, just the shoulders of the robots or gimbale.

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Products by page

Capture - to Capture and not let go!

Manufacturers of kits and accessories for the Amateur robotics has rightly noticed the problem, which is the independent execution of functional bucket capable of moving small and large objects. Therefore, provide a number of simple, but very practical effectors, capable for use in robotic arms or mobile robots. Series plastic holders brand Actobotics collaborates with services like micro and standard, and offers a variety of engagement bands, from 70 mm to 152 mm. we also Have the metal grips, including reliable Robotic Claw MKII is equipped with a spring clutch for overload protection servo and has a grip range from 0 mm to 50 mm For high precision work requiring accurate control of motion capture, we recommend sets of parallel holders Pololu Micro Gripper KIT. They were equipped with specially modified serwomechanizmy with an additional wire that provides feedback for even more precise control of the movement.

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In many applications, from simple gadgets through remote monitoring of objects, and ending intelligent vision systems – would be very useful mechanisms for pan/tilt. The principle of operation is very simple – two disks (in these cases, are best suited different kinds of serwomechanizmy) located so that with a stable base (for example, a mobile robot or manipulator robotycznego), connected the first drive, and its axis results in movement of the second actuator moving the end bracket. Arose, therefore, the circuit kinematyczny can move a clip in two axes by feeding movements of both drives. In our offer you can find ready-made sets of elements for self-Assembly mechanisms, pan/tilt, on the basis of the micro servos and the big servo is capable of moving heavier devices. We both have complete sets of mechanical items, services, and kits, which are sold without a feeder.

Handles filing and engines

In this category we also offer different mounts for servos and brackets engines that will allow You to build any kind of mechanisms, pan/tilt, and holders of, a robotic arm or mechanical slot machines. You order from us is also mounting for inductive sensors of different diameter mounting thread (optional diameters of M8, M12, M18 and M30) and brackets motors are compatible with MakeBlock robots brand. Very importantly, all that we offer mechanical items have numerous mounting holes, where the placement of and form help use of brackets in different designs – you can choose those openings that are best suited to the shape of Your project.