The XBee Modules

Embedded systems are gaining increasing popularity in the management of different devices, also in the distance. The XBee modules from Digi represent a smart, compact solution to the problems of communication and control devices over a wireless network using all types of network architecture that allows us to collaborate with many other modules and computers. In our offer available also antenna adapters, adapters and overlays Arduino designed to work with the XBee modules.

XBee modules about the great possibilities of communication

The XBee modules use the IEEE 802.15.4 network and the wireless devices of small radius of action. Reception and data transfer is by serial transfer, so that the XBee modules can work with Arduino, a separate microcontroller and a computer, and additionally can be enabled to work in parallel of several modules XBee, forming, thus, the local network topology mesh. Wireless capability these modules allow their use in various applications such as instrument remote control robots, remote video surveillance system, automation budynkowa with remote control lighting, curtains and other devices, and remote transmission of information from sensors.

Improved compatibility with external systems built-in

The XBee modules allow the wireless ZigBee Protocol. Among them, the module 802.15.4 XBee Pro 60mW Series 1 - Wire Antenna, which is particularly strong side, there is the possibility of a wireless network with a range of up to 1500m. Like most systems built into the range of our online store, as well as the XBee modules can be enabled to work with the Arduino through the UART interface. In our range, there are also accessories that allow the use of XBee modules to create a small communications center that provides integrated management of multiple objects and processes in real-time.