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During everyday driving, especially during long trips, there may be many situations in which access is required to the mains voltage 230 V. Almost always, and need food, or at least partial replenishment while driving a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones as car navigation. In such a situation comes to the aid of a cigarette lighter. In this category you will find power adapters, car and a wide choice of other devices that you can recharge only through the connection socket in the car.


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Products by page

Products by page

Chargers for mobile devices

One of the biggest food groups, is designed to connect to the cigarette lighter socket is a charger and power adapters car. They contain often more than one USB socket that allows you to simultaneously charge your smartphone, tablet PC and other mobile devices. Some of them also have adapters, or, on the contrary, a complete, integrated wire with a micro USB connector. The output voltage of the car power supply is 5 V and the current, usually from 2 to more than 4 A. it Should pay attention to applied in this model, connector type USB a rule, it is the USB connector-A, but you can also come across charger with USB-C. Many chargers have – very importantly – protection from power surges. Some models are compatible with minikomputerami Raspberry Pi and can be used to power this type of system.

When high voltage

The output voltage of most sources of power car is 5 Volts, and if you need a much higher voltage? In this case, at Your disposal, of course, automotive converters. In this category you will find we have a wide choice. They allow you to use the 230V when connecting the transmitter to the cigarette lighter plug. Even in the field, so you can connect these devices, which normally use the electric network, for example, laptop charger or box office. Available converters allow you to get 3000 even In the current capacity, and up to 2,500 In capacity in continuous operation. Equipped with protection against short circuits and overvoltage and even protection against discharging the car battery. In addition to devices that increase the voltage, we also offer converters that reduce, for example, from 24 to 12 V.

A practical device for many applications

Converters and power supplies, automotive niejedyne this device available in this category. You will find here also the cigarette lighter socket with wire, which will be useful in case of an accident. Be useful You can also equipped with extension tube, for example, two cigarette lighter socket and several USB ports. And cigarette lighter socket with alligator clip will allow You to connect devices with a connector car directly from the battery of the car. In the car, you can also connect the phone holder comes with an induction charger, and even the popular "rooster", that is, annunciator light – all of these devices you order in our online store.