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Humidity sensors - Planning and creating modern interior, whether residential premises of industrial service, do not forget about the humidity sensor, which will inform us about the prevailing indoor moisture. This will ensure that in the interior optimum conditions for stay or proceedings. In our store there are a wide variety of humidity sensors and equipment from a group of sensors, and all this at affordable and attractive prices. Welcome to shopping at our online store Botland! You will find here the humidity sensor and more!

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Important boundary

Humidity is water vapor content in the air, and the optimal level of humidity in living spaces is the interval from 30 to 65%. Best of all we feel in rooms where the humidity between 40 and 60%. And the minimum value should not be lower than 30%, and it is defined by Polish standard PN-78/B-03421. Periods of winter can result in a descent below this value and this is because when cold, the level of water vapor in the air is very low. Humidity sensors must be in the house to constantly monitor its level.

Below the border

During the winter and very hot during dry days the humidity level may drop below the threshold of 30%. Will help to measure the humidity sensors available in this category. When the level is very low and the air is too dry, we have a feeling of dryness in the throat and nose, sometimes break, and even breathing problems. Wooden furniture and floors can be excessively reduced, which may be manifested by the appearance of cracks. Then it should be the air to saturate water vapor, for example, by positioning the radiator with a damp towel.

Above the

The humidity sensors available in our range, able to measure the level of humidity from 0 to 100%. In addition, often there are additional sensors, such as temperature or gas pressure. During the warm summer time burzowego period, the humidity can be even 80-90% is extremely high values that make sure we feel cold and hurt us the head and also increases the risk of respiratory diseases. Negative impact on health is not the only symptoms at such high values, does not dry the Laundry, or dirty floors. Damping can be of the walls and the Windows appears rose. Excess moisture must be combated, for example, by using dehumidifiers.

Keep a level

Maintaining a proper humidity level in areas where we spend a lot of time is very important. The humidity sensors available in our range help us in this task and will indicate what level of water vapor in the air. If it is too low, often have to open the Windows and ventilate the room - this will also help in case of too high level. Fresh air improves the comfort of staying in a place like this. In the winter, I think a wet towel, located on the radiator, but the best option is to purchase a humidifier, be sure to higrostatem. This condition is regularly checked using a humidity sensor.

The correct humidity level

When the moisture sensors indicate that the level is too high, and this effect persists for a long time, first zlokalizujmy the cause of this situation, for example, a leaky pipe, moisture, foundations, leaking gas, insulation of walls or corners, and then przeciwdziałajmy that will speed up the drying process. Efficiently with this task will manage dehumidifiers, moisture absorbers or air conditioning, which during operation removes water vapor from the room and maintains it at a predetermined level.