Humidity sensors

Automation and functional equipment of apartments, workplaces, warehouses or production plants, must be equipped with humidity sensors, which will also provide information about the temperature. These small components and accessories, provide much more features, just creative and professional, and apply them in their modules.

Products by page

Products by page

The proposal BOTLAND can find the State the major components and are ready rain sensors, moisture and temperature, working in different fields who simply install the module as Arduino or Raspberry. We invite you to find foods that we have to demonstrate – every master, regardless of qualifications skills and experience in automation and robotics, will find suitable products for yourself!

Humidity sensors – a simple item that can change your life

Temperature sensor and humidity, can be used for quick connection module with Arduino and Raspberry, creating, thus, a weather station that will inform the citizens of the nt. temperature and possibility of precipitation – this sensor should be placed both outside and inside the building to constantly monitor all the parameters and risks for storage and production facilities, such equipment should form the basis.

We also the liquid level sensors, which may be useful for production systems, informing about the state of the fluid in the reservoir. For customers who are interested in the automation of the majority of its economy and the high quality products, we have, in particular, to such humidity sensors , such as:

  • soil moisture,
  • pH
  • automatic system for watering plants,
  • clean air,
  • water vapor,
  • pressure and gas.