System logical

Picture puzzles - In this category we offer You a logical schema, which in many cases, the key element of modern electronics. In our online store we have a wide range of electronic components and accessories. Creating simple or more complex systems should take advantage of our offer. With the help of logic circuits, improve comfort and speed of your work. Due to the reduced sensitivity to interference, digital systems provide better results and a lower accident rate. Logical goals can be used in many electronic projects.

Boolean algebra and logic gates

Thinking about systems the logical the first thought that comes to our mind, a well-known logic gates. Systems digital electronic systems where voltage signals often take two levels and are defined by the digits 0 and 1 that allows the use of Boolean algebra and, for this reason such systems are called logical systems. Using goals AND, NAND, OR, NOR, NOT, XOR and XNOR are we able to realize any logical operation required in our system.

The types of goals and their importance

Using logic elements and, based on Boolean algebra, we can build and design different systems, such as alarm, radio, digital, or even computer. The layout is logical that, in particular, Gateway, And otherwise communication or work bit gives the output a high state only when the input signals will also be able high. NOT a goal, that is, the denial or the Converter serves to change bits of the output signal at the opposite of the input. Goal OR you can use to get a high position at the exit at the moment when one of the inputs high or to use the negation of this goal and to plan your goal or in the system. Goal NOR is the negation of the sum.

Logic in daily use

The function of the logical value is used in logic systems, the mathematical model of the system kombinacyjnego. These systems can be used for the construction, in particular, microprocessors, multiplekserów for digital control LED indicators or alarm systems. We offer a wide variety of logic circuits, which allows, in particular, for lossless encoding and transmission of information, simplified entry and storage of information, reduced sensitivity to electrical interference. Welcome to purchase at our store and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!