Logic circuits

Automation of homes, which once were something extremely complex and expensive, today it is very normal that the homes most of us! Often we are not even aware of the fact that the basic equipment of a residential building has additional components that a few years ago was considered a pinnacle of technological possibilities - an example may be at least the layout is logical.

Examples of these are logic circuits that are the majority of small electronic tools – a striking example can be a simple alarm system, digital radio and even a computer. If You are a lover of digital design, start your adventure with electronics, or for a long time working on issues that are closely related to automation and robotics, you can have confidence that the system of logical high quality is essential and indispensable element.

Picture puzzles – a wide range of custom

BOTLAND is a professional equipment which has to meet the expectations of all clients, regardless of severity, needs and expectations – high quality and satisfaction is a priority for us, so offering even a slight node, as a logical system, we take care to ensure that customer satisfaction was at a high level!

In assortment of our shop you can find, in particular, products such as:

  • indicators slip
  • counters digital
  • goals AND (voltage of operation),
  • line converters (voltage work)
  • goals OR,
  • goals the NOT (logical negation is performed).

System of logic they in another way are called logic output and represent a component of most integrated circuits machines and tools. Their functionality is used in particular to perform simple physical logic functions, the value of which can take several levels of 0 or 1.