Robot controllers

Modules, controlling the motion of robots. When designing the robot, it is necessary to consider the possibility of management of them. Without the appropriate system controller, the entire structure will not be able to receive signals and commands. We invite you to familiarize with the offer of our store, where everyone will find the robot controllers compatible with the latest minikomputerami.

Wireless controllers, robots, and unlimited possibilities

Although designers are using controllers for many years (for example, in RC cars or RC boats and helicopters), today we can talk about the application of the most advanced technology, which allows you to control the engines, systems, and functions of robots in a very impressive way.

We have professional controllerswho, thanks to the wireless connection with the transmitter to allow control of automatic manipulator or many systems in the field of robotics, using a mobile phone. Experienced designers owing to them are unlimited possibilities of designing multi-purpose tools, robots, automation systems, etc. to get to the expectations of all clients, we offer systems of different capacities and capabilities so that everyone can customize the equipment for their expectations, using the maximum potential of the ordered parts.

The robot controllers for each drone

Given that drones are already a multi tool for almost every industry, needs to perform several functions simultaneously – without a good quality controller, management would not be possible, and thanks to the Wi-Fi modules, it is simple and powerful. We have models adapted to the design of flying that take a lot of screws, so users can count on a lot faster and easier installation and installing them in their projects.

Controllers are fully integrated and compatible with the most popular minikomputerami on the market, so don't worry about the need for intervention in their construction, exposing the system for damage.

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