BLDC motors, brushless

It's hard to imagine a world without drones, robots and remote-controlled vehicles that we can send into space, underwater or hazardous area. All of these tools and toys use the engine by which the transmission is transferred to the face. We want to provide You with high quality brushless motors, which will represent the heart of every electrical tool, toy or vehicle.

Brushless motors BLDC against products with them

Why brushless models replacing the old brush models? The reason is simple. It is much more effective solution, characterized by efficiency, reliability, quiet operation and great features installation. Brushless motors can be used in closed housings, so that the equipment operating in the environment of water and moisture, can have a less complicated design – the heat produced by the coil, is given by the cover, and the product does not require constant air circulation. The brushes in the motors are the main cause of damage and wear and tear, so removing them ensures the product with much greater strength and durability. Brushless motors are electric models that are also environmentally friendly, because in their case there is a release of hazardous substances, as in the case of internal combustion engines.

Manufacturing and technology – the use of brushless engines

Each flying the drone needs screws, which are driven by motors. The situation looks the same in the case of modeling and popular models of the RC who are able to achieve such strong results that arranges racing competition. BLDC motors this is a great choice for lovers of boats with remote control and all kinds of Rovers, who travel to difficult terrain. Using a mini-computer, Arduino, or Raspberry, brushless engines and mechanical parts of propulsion control system, you can create unique designs that will solve many problems. Brushless motors can also be used in the case of a shaving machines, tattoo machines, windmills and many other items of everyday use – just look around you to see the e-moving objects. It is enough to choose the appropriate power, in the specific conditions of use. Selecting offer Botland, You can count on high quality products because the satisfaction of our customers is a priority.

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