BLDC motors bezszczotkowe

BLDC brushless motor in Accordance with the title, the engine design bezszczotkowych does not require the use of brushes, which in conventional DC motors, provide the voltage for the windings of the rotor through the manifold. In engines bezszczotkowych the winding is stationary, and the rotor design is based on permanent magnets. Due to the absence of brushes and the rotor komutatorowego, BLDC motors offer high performance combined with reduced size and greatly increased reliability compared to conventional DC motors. Due to the fact that brushless motors are successfully used for the propulsion of toys and remote-controlled vehicles, electric vehicles and hybrid, electric tools, manual, fan cooling PC components, but also in the equipment of the household. Motor brushless you can use in many interesting projects.

How brushless motors work?

In spite of the voltage supply of DC brushless motors BLDC motor construction and principle of operation refer to synchronous motors with permanent magnets (PMSM), which, unlike engines of the BLDC motor, is powered by AC voltage. The main elements of the BLDC motor are the stator and rotor. The stator is a stationary element and a coil is wound (typically in an amount of from 3 to 5), powered from an external voltage source. And the rotor is not uzwojony and consists of permanent magnets. The principle of operation is based on mutual influence of the magnetic field of the stator with the magnetic field of the rotor, the continuous rotation of the rotor is ensured thanks to the use of the electronic manifold, based on transistors controlled by PWM signal, whose pulse width is adjusted on the basis of information from the Hall sensor nt. the angular position of the motor shaft, in this case, the voltage is switched on and off in the stator winding in turn. Among the many designs of BLDC motors due to the location of the rotor relative to the stator distinguish the engines with the rotor located inside the stator where it is easy to obtain high torque at very good heat dissipation, and the motors with the rotor surrounding the stator, which find application in low-power applications that do not require high torque.

Motor BLDC - motors with many benefits

One of the main advantages of BLDC motors is their high efficiency while maintaining small size. For comparison, conventional DC motors based on the brushes and the rotor important, in order to provide, respectively, the same value of the shaft power, would require the use of elements of large dimensions that it would be impractical and expensive. The second big advantage of the BLDC motors, simple controls engine operation through the use of the phenomenon of feedback, thanks to which quickly and accurately gives set speed of rotation and torque on the motor shaft, even in the upper range torque. This method of control, a positive effect also on energy savings from voltage source power brushless motor and reduces heat loss, and in the case of wireless devices extends battery life. Design motors BLDC motor is characterized by high durability and a low noise level and absence of sparking due to the lack of brushes and in the case of conventional DC motors, the brushes wear, as a result of their continuous physical contact with komutatorem.

BLDC - brushless universal motors in many applications

Simple operation, long service life and high performance while maintaining low power consumption, the main advantages of BLDC motors due to which you can successfully use them in applications requiring long continuous operation. Brushless DC motors, they are often found in devices such as washing machines, ventilation and air-conditioning, and video equipment, as well as toys and vehicle with the remote control, including robots and drones. While in personal computers, the engines are propeller BLDC cooling fans and hard drives. On offer are Botland brushless motors Redox, available in different designs mocowych and, of course, manifest itself in a variety of applications nature modelarskim.