In the epoch of digital systems in almost every field of operation, any interaction device, the real time analog world requires conversion of analog signals to digital and Vice versa, depending on the direction of this interaction. As a "bridge" – a kind of translator between these two worlds converters perform the analog-to-digital (A/C) and digital-to-analog (C/A). They are characterized by several parameters, which should be selected depending on the specific requirements of the system.

The schema converters are A/C and C/A in a wide range of applications

Given the complexity and the need for accurately matched components, all but the most specialized converters are made in the form of integrated circuits. The discrete solutions are only applied in military radar systems or wysokowyspecjalizowanym laboratory equipment. Circuits and transducers, such as models available in our store are audio equipment, systems, measuring systems, home automation systems and industrial, as well as many other devices. This type of system is equipped with various communication interfaces – parallel, consecutive, such as, for example, SPI or I2C.

The main parameters of the schemes of the converters

The schema converters are characterized by a number of electrical parameters that define the scope of their application and makes it easy to find them for your specific application. Two main is the resolution and sample rate. The first of these says and for how long bit digital word describing each sample of the analog signal – the longer the system will precyzyjniejszy. The second parameter tells how often the system can read/generate the sampled analog signal. They this drive faster, the better cope with high frequency signals.

Converters analog-to-digital

Analog-to-digital Converter (ADC or A/C) is a system that converts an analog signal voltage (less current) to a digital signal. This signal is unobtrusive, so that the voltage levels are skwantowane, i.e. they can take only predefined values (the number associated with the permit); in addition, zdyskretyzowany also at that time, because the measurement is not continuous, but occurs that the prescribed period of time (sampling period).

Converters digital-to-analog

Digital-to-analog Converter (DAC or digital-to-analog Converter) is a system that converts signal into a digital signal to analog. Performs the opposite function than the analog-to-digital Converter. There are several architectures of converters, digital-to-analog. Converters C/A are widely used in music players to convert digital streams into analog audio signals. They are also used in televisions and mobile phones to convert digital data into analog video signals that are associated with the drivers for screen for viewing images in monochrome or color.