Network connectors RJ

Network connectors RJ many years ago, solely dominated the market of network devices, and telephone and nothing indicates that this situation had to change. Despite all the modernization that we see in other segments of IT, all of the devices with a LAN interface or a modem for further use connectors of the type RJ. In this category you will find many connectors and slots designed for local area networks, telephone devices, intercoms, etc.


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Types of RJ connectors

Network connectors RJ represent the whole family of elements, differing not only in size but also the number and proper location of the contacts, and... use. In addition to the commercial designations (e.g., RJ-11, RJ-45, etc.), you need to know a second method for determining the structure of compounds using two letters P and C, and two digits immediately following them. For example, 4P2C connector has 4 positions, but only 2 contacts. In turn, 8P8C connector, often referred to as RJ-45 is wider than the connector 4P and 6P, and includes 8 pins working in all 8 positions. Importantly, each of the standard modular connectors (RJ) latch integrated with the body. It guarantees a sure contact of all pairs of contacts, and protects against accidental tearing or coming loose of the plug from the socket.

Network plugs for use in any

In our offer you will find, among others, sets of 8P8C connectors, intended for use in computer local area networks (LAN) and is compatible with all Ethernet – Packed in 5 or 100 pieces. Some connectors are compatible with the network cables category 6 (CAT. 6e). We also stock 6P4C plug used for making the ends of the wires of the telephone, working with telephones, faxes or ADSL modems. It should be borne in mind that for mounting the connector on the cable you will need a press that serves a variety of network connectors RJ in sizes from 4 to 8 positions.

Outlet network

In this category you will find all kinds of network connectors that work with modularnymi connectors type RJ. If you plan to run or update the web setup, the perfect choice would be the socket surface mounting 1 - or 2-track machines. When planning the installation, keep in mind that for each outlet it is necessary to provide for the laying of separate cables to a switch or router. If you need to extend the hose or connection two network cables in an existing installation, you will need a two way connectors containing two related to each other 1:1 8P8C socket, placed in the esthetic (white or beige) housing. For the newly designed devices, you can also network RJ connectors for installation problems on printed circuit boards. We have as a separate outlet with the indicators line status (in the form of LEDs) and strap for 16 sockets, arranged in two rows – useful for building large network of devices or services already available.