Connectors for batteries

Batteries require different types of contact elements to connect their findings with with rated for electronics. In some cases it is enough to contact with the flexible sheet metal, soldered directly on the PCB of the device. However, in many cases, the specialized connectors that provide not only the necessary energy efficiency as well as reliability of the connection and adequate protection against accidental short circuit. In this category you will find all sorts of connectors for batteries and a separate battery.

Products by page

Products by page

Clips for battery 6F22

Popular batteries with 6F22 9 volt and has multiple levels prostopadłościennej case with radiators snaps, especially readily applied in multimetrach, various kinds of measuring non-electrical quantities (e.g., pirometrach), as well as many control panels of equipment for television and radio. To connect this type of battery electronics can be used plates that interact with correspondingly designed seat in the housing of the device, but much more frequently applied to the latch compatible with the radiator wires. In our offer you will find such connectors for batteries, battery 9 V (called colloquially "kijankami"), as with the wires for soldering, as with all DC plug 5,5/2,1 mm.

Connectors for RC batteries (standard JST)

In the case of packages of food-models with remote control and some mobile devices, love to use JST connectors. They have a shape close to the connectors "like a man" -women's BLS (compatible with goldpinami), but their design is more complex than in the case of simple connectors and sockets. The main difference is the body shape of the connector, when connected to the connector, at considerable length hidden in his niche. Due to the fact that the contacts are well insulated from external conditions and the built-in latch securely attached the two parts of the connector. This type of connectors for batteries used to connect power supply, for example, modules and drives. Provide a fast and reliable connection and disconnection that matters when replacing a package or patch in the model design in the field.

Cubes and quick connect power

In our offer you will find also a number of cubes electrical installation and fittings, ideal as connectors for batteries in cases where the leads of the package or a link to combine with the existing wiring of the device. Special attention should be paid to the orange cube switching that can carry a load of about 32 A. applications of modeling and robotics, should also pay attention to the XT60 connectors – power connectors for the battery (particularly lithium), offering a current load of approximately 65 A. these Connectors are a great solution for use with large packages of Li-Ion and Li-Po.