DC motors without a gearbox

Electric motors represent the main source of drive mechanisms, automation, robots, mobile or the increasingly popular electric vehicles. Among the various available on the market types of engines, special place is occupied by the DC motors is their simple design, good performance and low cost lead to the fact that these elements are willingly used not only in Amateur robotics, but also all sectors of professional electronics and mechatronics. In this category you will find a variety of DC motors without gearbox for use in small works, the RC and the exact mechanisms.


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A handful of practical advice on using DC motors

DC motors, they are definitely the simplest to activate, but do not forget the basic principles are similar for other types of electric drive. Typical DC motors called dry (or komutatorowymi) have two pins that you must connect a control voltage the polarity affects the direction of rotation of the rotor, and the value for the rotation speed. With this purpose, there are (in almost all cases) the pulse width modulation (PWM), which allows you to control the speed of the motor using simple layouts kluczujących separate transistors or so-called bridges H. Elements of switching (both discrete and integrated), must provide sufficient power output for activating the motor in all conditions – it should be noted that current consumption has been growing considerably (often even several times), when motor shaft is heavily loaded or completely stopped. These rules include how DC motors without a gearbox, and includes any scheme of the drive.

Small DC motors without mechanisms

In this category you will find a wide range of DC motors without a gearbox ideal to drive a small mobile robot, toys, electric and mechanical components in various devices of daily use. The simplest of them, for example, MT86 whether MT92, accept voltage in the range from 3 to 6 Volts, while others – for example, mini engines MT37 – designed to supply a certain voltage (in this case-3.7 V). Some models can operate at very wide supply voltage range, for example, a motor MT71 with trim for CD/DVD-ROM, can rotate at a voltage of 1.5 V, though, and takes even values four times higher. It should be noted that in the case of small engines resulting in Amateur applications, you can often get a very high idle speed (no load drive shaft), but rather little torque.

The most interesting models of DC motors

In our offer you will also find advanced models for more professional use. Decent team, motor 12V with 64 CPR enkoderem – it provides dimensional compatibility with the transmissions 37D, and thanks to the integrated sensor, can be used for applications that require precise control of the rotation speed. Also pay attention to the GPX Extreme Swift 400 – despite the fact that it is a DC motor without a gearbox, it can get the torque up to 0.45 kg*cm and a very high rotation speed of about 16,000 rpm same motor DC 12V 12000RPM Redox also has no gear box, and despite this, is able to work with torque to 0.42 kg*cm.