Bags packs a li and a half

With the development of industry, portable electronic devices must also become more modern methods of supply. At the beginning of the electronics manufacturers themselves zachwycili Li-ion batteries (Li-Ion), which was soon supplanted by more modern and more durable lithium polymer (Li-Po). The big advantage of the latter is the lack of so-called memory effect, which in the Bank of the old type contributed to the gradual reduction of the capacity. Words for safe use "lipoli" is their proper storage and transportation – preferably in the packets, into batches li and a half, which you will find in this category.

The batteries of the XXI century

In electronics, a measure of the attractiveness of this solution may be its popularity. The market immediately checks which of the ideas is to replicate and implement in their projects. For this reason, the li batteries and a half, on the basis of lithium alloys and polymers, as quickly adopted in smartphones, tablets, cameras, dronach, and even in Amateur designs robots. In harmony with "lipolami" particularly robotics, which is a small, flat, relatively lightweight, and very roomy units discovered a number of design possibilities. The batteries are, but you have to endure, and sometimes transported long distances, even by air – why it is so important, it turns out, special bags packs li-pol. Why their use is, on the contrary, requires a transport company?

Big power in a small battery

Battery li-Pol fine, but at the same time (as well as their predecessors), as well as delicate. If lithium-ion batteries contain liquid lithium, li-fields it is in solid condition. In spite of this, you have to be careful between the battery terminals did not happen short circuit and fire, and even separate the flint, not wybrzuszyło and not the front. Bags packs li-half offer protection to batteries from the outside, while you must also provide the appropriate storage conditions. First of all, care should be taken to never and not in highly-lit areas/nagrzewanych nor in too low a temperature (below zero). If you have to survive a certain time without use, should ensure that the battery level was equal, more or less the factory (i.e. was about. 40%).

Convenient bag for storage batteries

Bags packs a li and a half, which we offer in this category are made of fireproof materials. Even if you discover that Your batteries were damaged or were in adverse conditions and subordination, there is a risk of fire, challenge of packaging is to contain the spread of fire and to minimize the risk of fire. Bags packs a li and a half, closes with Velcro, and cut off the oxygen supply, which is also sprzyjałby fueling the flames. Safety reports posted on the bag sticker in English. language. Such protection will be important, especially in planes – if you are planning air transport "lipola" for the device for which the battery is designed, the carrier is entitled to require You a safe, fire-resistant packaging. Our shop is filled with bags and packs, li and a half in two dimensions: 23x18cm and 30x23cm.