Indicators discharge

Discharge of the battery or batteries in the device they are using is one of those situations that, while inevitable and obvious – will be able to surprise people, even the most involving. If the mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops are equipped with status indicators charge enough on their own built devices require the inclusion of such functions in the project. Fortunately, you don't need to reinvent the wheel – in our assortment you will find great indicators of the battery or batteries, ready for integration into Your own electronics.

To measure voltage or capacity?

This is the eternal question requires more detailed answer and disprove some myths. If the battery voltage is a fairly good indicator of a full charge or discharge, then a more accurate determination of the current energy, for example, in percentage of the nominal capacity, it is a bit more complicated. Previously used batteries (e.g. lead-acid or Nickel-cadmium) had the characteristics to determine approximately the amount of power remaining based on voltage measurement, however, used today, modern lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion) and lithium polymer (Li-Po) behave quite differently- this applies not only to other, more complex charging methods (constant current/constant voltage, complying with the multilevel security system), and discharge characteristics. That is why its state is not simply knowing the voltage that the display discharge will be delayed in a complex mathematical model to convert the voltage currently used capacity.

Accurate measurement of battery capacity

For accurate determination of the actual state of charge of the battery, is to apply the method of "counting kulombów". The main principle of operation is only slightly more complicated than a simple measurement of voltage and involves the simultaneous study as the voltage at the battery terminals and flowing and flowing zen current. Thus, you can, using appropriate calculations, often implemented in software or hardware in the discharge indicator is to determine the real state of the battery that matters, first of all, because of progressive with successive cycles of charging and discharging of the degradation of the battery capacity. This is precisely the reason why the battery two or three years the smartphone holds charge much less than from the instance directly from the shelves.

Indicators category of the store Botland

In our offer you will find some great modules that will allow You convenient and accurate measurement of the real operating conditions of the battery or a disposable battery. We pay particular attention to the battery discharge indicator series DFRobot Gravity. This small module is equipped with a system MAX17043 allows you to measure voltage and automatic recalculation of its value SOC (eng. State Of Charge – charge). You will find here also a Grove module with the joint counter kulombów LTC2941 used to measure the amount amperogodzin as increase the measuring current as the voltage on the battery.