Velcro for battery

Batteries such as lithium-ion (Li-ion), and from them the modern lithium-polymer (Li-Po) or lithium-iron-fosforanowe (life) is the most popular currently the power sources of the devices. Thanks to its compact size and relatively low weight they meet the expectations of both professionals and Amateurs. You are willing to use other elements and packages you create designs of mobile robots and models. Power supplies, however, requires an appropriate lock – in this category you will find Velcro straps for batteries, which makes it easier for You.

Installation of power supply – what's the problem?

If the plant produced mobile devices, a place for the battery is provided in the housing, the designs created on their own, you need to properly plan them. Lithium batteries of any type, usually do not do any problems from the point of view of size, but prostopadłościenną case with package must securely fix to the model or robot. Of great importance here is the fact that during dynamic driving, sharp turns, travel on rough terrain, etc. the car will be protected from rollover, and, at least, tilt. The battery need – with the help of Velcro for the batteries, respectively, to prepare for such a case. Remember that batteries, especially Li-ion as well (to some degree) lithium-polymer due to improper operation prone to damage. And this, in turn, remain unnoticed, it can even result in ignition and fire.

The advantages of Velcro for the batteries

Why of the many types of fastenings highly recommend it Velcro straps for batteries? Because you can get through them really reliable fastening of the package. This type of "bracket" on the battery, however, has also another great advantage: it allows for quick replacement of the power source in the event of any problems. A quick response is needed, especially during competitions and demonstrations, their members can't afford a nervous breakdown. If you use the link that is discharged at the moment – just to separate two parts of Velcro or lose and loosen the wristband with a buckle to remove the package and replace it with another. Velcro for the batteries is also important in the field, when there is no possibility of connecting the pack to the charger, and you should replace it by a new one or if you want to make changes in the design of the device, and set the power source is difficult to access this item.

Select the ideal option

Velcro for the batteries available in the store Botland two forms. The first of these is the Velcro adhesive. In the set you will find 5 sets (hooks + loops) of size 50 x 30 mm 70 x 30 mm. Replacement of the power source flows instantly – requires only securing one Velcro and fasten at the same place of the second (note that all elements that are perceived as copies, attach one part of a set, for example, hinges). The second option is Velcro for batteries in the form of straps with a buckle. To stabilize the sensor use two clamps and places them on both ends of the package.