Adhesives and fusing

The connection of the parts with glue, is one of the easiest and most versatile installation techniques used in all fields of technology. As in any business, there is not one universal solution which is suitable for all applications. The correct selection of adhesives for specific surfaces and materials is the key, because even the most powerful adhesive that is used for materials for which were not intended, can absolutely not work. In this category you will find different types of adhesives, and mergers, excellent for prototyping and rapid repair in the workshop and at home.



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Products by page

How to glue to "grab"?

Is it possible that, despite the use of supermocnego glue, it would seem, not related to the surface allow themselves to be easily separated and even do not want to each other? This occurs when the type of glue is not suitable for your application. Chemical composition and texture influence very strongly on the adhesion strength and setting times. Thick glue is better suited for uneven, not very precisely reset the surface, while rare, more liquid will fit in the connection end-to-end smooth parts. Extremely important is also the flexibility of the adhesive after full hardening. In the case of elements which in operation may be subjected to large mechanical loads or vibration, it is necessary to apply adhesives or two-component resin (epoxy) that will be able to compensate for mikroruchy without losing retention strength. Some materials (e.g. Teflon, polypropylene or silicone) in General do not provide glue, or require certain, specialized substances.

The glues and resins in the store Botland

In our offer you will find a wide range of adhesives for various applications. One of the more versatile and widespread compounds, basic cyjanoakryl (cyjanoakrylan ethyl). Contrary to popular belief, this substance is a major component not only in rare, very liquid glue and medium or thick consistency – an example is the series of adhesives CA company Joker. A similar composition have also adhesives of the famous series of Blob or Super Glue. You should know that, despite a fairly short setting time of this group of adhesives, the process can be speed up using the activator spray, also production company Joker. A great solution for bonding of large components and parts nierównomiernych or very small surfaces of contact, is a two-component epoxy resin from B&Q and immortal Poxipol. Is always to see the characteristics of this glue, and if possible – to test it on a piece of the same material, or at least in an inconspicuous area of the product.

Mergers and cartridges

Very readily used, both Amateurs and professionals, of the merger – that is, the device is popularly known as "guns klejowymi". Glue stick (contribution) is a very simple mechanism, popychającym it towards hot, often of brass head. It generates a stream of heated glue, and through the opposite end. After hardening it is possible to obtain relatively flexible, strong connections, which, unlike liquid adhesives allows you to connect even niestykające elements. In our offer you will find from the smallest fusing (15 – 20 In heating power) to strong, 60-watt (for example, ZD-8A). The power of the heating element directly affects the time of melting the adhesive, and usability.