Gel batteries

Gel batteries are one of the lead-acid batteries, which are distinguished by the presence of gel electrolyte. They are formed by combining sulphuric acids with silica. The first batteries of this type appeared on the market in the 1960s in the USA. Unlike typical batteries, they do not need to be placed vertically. There is also no need to replenish the electrolyte with gel, which does not evaporate. Very often, gel batteries are maintenance-free. They are very resistant to vibrations, shocks, impacts and high temperatures. They are therefore able to work well in difficult conditions. There are also no electrolyte leaks, which lead to corrosion. In this case too, the battery is protected against corrosion. They work debtlessly and reliably. They are used in devices with high energy consumption. They are used in many vehicles. Check which gel batteries are available in our offer. Compare the proposals of several manufacturers, focus on the parameters and adjust them to your device.


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Gel battery construction

A gel battery has a gel consistency electrolyte, which is its trademark, hence its name. It is tightly closed, which translates into increased protection against electrolyte leakage. This makes the gel accumulators mount in various types of devices, regardless of their position and how they are stored. Gel cells are equipped with safety valves, which are responsible for pressure regulation, which is necessary, among others, in case of overcharging danger. At the same time it is a way to avoid contact of the cell with air and pollution from the external environment. Gel cells are never opened due to the risk of permanent damage and injury to the user. Gel batteries have a very wide range of applications, which is due to their properties, technical parameters and a wide range of advantages. They can be used in difficult conditions, e.g. at low and high temperatures and in environments with high vibrations.

Purpose of gel batteries

car, whereas in fact it is not used for this purpose. In order to provide high performance current, the gel battery will not show enough power. Sometimes it is simply not enough to start the car. However, gel batteries are used in the automotive field. They are perfect for scooters, motorcycles and mopeds. They have enough power to start an engine in such vehicles. An interesting direction of application of a gel battery is golf, because it is often installed in golf carts. This is due to its high resistance to the inconveniences associated with working in a large tilt. It is also used in vehicles that are equipped with a large number of electrical devices, it is then a second battery and its task is to power the device, but not to start it. Gel batteries are commonly found in privileged cars, such as police or ambulances. We can find them in campers, which have been travelling on Polish roads much more often than before. Gel batteries are used to power small electric vehicles. They are also well suited for emergency power supply systems, but also for portable devices, which use electrical systems with high sensitivity to voltage changes.

In our Botland offer you will find a wide range of products, in which there are various types of gel batteries with parameters corresponding to less and more demanding vehicles and equipment. We also offer battery chargers, which are necessary for the free use of batteries. We must ensure that they are properly charged and have good conditions for replenishing energy deposits.