Gel batteries

Battery power plays an important role everywhere where there is no direct access to power supply from the mains. Besides electrical capacity, voltage and size, differ from other batteries is their production technology. Next to a small NiMH battery or Li-polymer, also appear gel batteries and battery design that allows for long, uninterrupted operation without maintenance, and allows with success to use in vehicles and other devices with high energy consumption.


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Design objawiająca many advantages and a wide range of applications

In contrast to the widely used car batteries, lead acid batteries, batteries with liquid electrolyte, the electrolyte in the battery painted is a viscous gel and sealed. Thus eliminated the danger of leakage of the electrolyte, whereby the gel batteries can be installed in the devices and stored in any position. Each link gel battery equipped with a safety valve which automatically regulates the pressure in the event of a threat of overcharging and prevents the entry of the sensor in contact with air and impurities, gel batteries require no maintenance and should not to open them because it may end with irreversible damage to the battery, but the crash is fatal! Design of gel batteries is a number of advantages that they can be used to power a variety of devices in various environmental conditions. Gel batteries are resistant to vibration, operation at low temperatures, provide a deep discharge without worrying about performance loss and high efficiency power supply. Because of this, both of them can be used to power small electric vehicles, emergency power system and mobile devices equipped with electronic devices sensitive to voltage drops.

How to properly charge gel batteries?

Gel batteries have a safe, maintenance-free design and a large number of charge cycles. So you could for as long as possible without problems to use Your battery, you should provide him the correct download. Given the more technologically sophisticated design compared to lead-acid batteries with liquid electrolyte, gel batteries must be charged using chargers that support mikroprocesorowo. This charger allows you to charge in different directions, will start the process of diagnosis and desulfurization of the battery. The battery should be charged to the end after each use. Charging should be carried out in a dry, ventilated place at temperatures from 0ºC to 40ºC - while charging, can operate the valves. When the voltage at the battery terminals will reach the value, the charging process should be terminated automatically, and the charger has to switch to maintain the voltage depending on the ambient temperature. For example, at an ambient temperature of 20 ° C for gel battery nominal voltage 12V, optimal voltage during charging is of 14.84 V and optimum voltage is in a state of maintenance after the completion of charging is 13,94 V. our product Range includes smart charger (see also: battery Charger for rechargeable batteries) so you will be able to quickly and correctly charge their batteries.