Accessories prototypes for Arduino

Arduino is a great solution for those who like to experiment with electronic circuits. It is great for beginner DIY enthusiasts and experienced professionals, carrying out extensive and ambitious projects. The platform is also designed for programming microcontrollers, it can be used to create a system to manage an intelligent home, robot or weather station. However, the board is only one of many elements you need, a basic one of course. You will discover its true potential when you connect external devices. You can equip the board with various sensors, actuators and overlays. This is the only way to discover the enormous potential of this microcomputer. In our offer you can find prototype accessories for Arduino, using which you are able to connect the board with other modules. You can even make it work with single electronic components. Our shop offers both kits for beginners and already experienced programmers and electronics.

Products by page

Products by page

Contact plates and prototype cables

The necessary equipment for every Arduino fan, but also for every other electronics, are of course contact plates. They are designed to create electronic circuits, even the most complex ones, as well as to make changes and necessary corrections. The contact plates are very versatile. They can be disassembled at any time, and a new, completely different circuit can be created on the board. There is no need to solder, so that the elements retain their original state and are not damaged. The ends of the circuit are plugged into the appropriate fields on the board, which is an easier and much less invasive way. This way, one board and different kinds of elements can be used repeatedly, but in completely different projects. So you have the chance to experiment without having to replace the board or worn out elements. This is a great way to start your training and adventure with electronics. Contact plates will be appreciated by people facing only the first or one of the first projects. They are also used in prototyping systems for professional use. At the development stage they can be changed without the risk of damaging any element.

Other important accessories for Arduino are prototype cables. They are versatile and multipurpose. They are compatible not only with Arduino, but also with other sets and modules that have a goldpin connector. The cables can be male-male, female-female and mixed, that is, male-female. All of them are available in our offer. Choose one that best suits the type of connector used. Prototype cables come in the form of single cables with connectors that have been pre-clamped and coloured tape cables with contacts as well. You can easily divide the two types.

Prototype accessory kits for beginners

Everyone starts somewhere and everyone has to follow the same path to turn from an amateur to a professional. To make this path easier, however, pick one of our prototype accessories sets for Arduino, which are dedicated to beginners. Among them you will find E32 set with 254 parts, as well as sets additionally equipped with a contact plate with a compatible power supply module and connection cables. Another interesting feature is the set, which includes a board with a base with sockets for easy power connection. You should also opt for a set with a set of four anti-slip feet.

Let your Arduino work even more efficiently and give you more possibilities to complete your more or less sophisticated projects. Choose the necessary prototype board accessories or starter kit and start designing with no limits. The store offers a wide range of contact plates, prototype cables and ready-made, complete sets.