Accessories prototypes for Arduino

The Arduino platform allows an infinite, on the contrary, the possibility to experiment with electronic systems and programming microcontrollers. However, using the same tiles Board (e.g. Arduino UNO or Arduino Mega), you can do quite a few – their power, these small modules show when you connect to external elements, pads, sensors or actuators. In this category you will find everything you could possibly need to connect my Arduino to other modules, and even individual electronic components.

Products by page

Products by page

Rich set of elements for beginners

In our offer we excellent designed sets, allowing a pleasant acquaintance with the basics of electronics and programming with Arduino. Some of them contain only the basic elements to build a variety of systems (e.g., recruitment E32, containing 254 parts), and others have the plate pin, compatible power supply and a set of jumper cables (especially recommend the sets of E24 – 235 elements and E23 – 830 items). You will find here also the breakout Board kit, fitted into a stand with sockets for power supply and a set of four legs and anti-slip terminals, packaged in convenient organizer.

Tiles contact is a necessary equipment of every electronics

Tiles contact has gained immense popularity among the electronics on all continents – not only allow you to quickly build even complex electronic system, but also with equal ease to make changes and corrections. If necessary, the system can be completely dismantled and create on the Board the following circuits, the elements remain intact instead of in przelutowywania enough to insert their ends into the corresponding fields in the plate. Due to the fact that on one set of elements you can work for many years, which really lowers costs of both science and prototyping of models for professional use. Combined with the versatility of Arduino tiles contact basis for experiments, limited practically only by the imagination.

Wire prototypes

In our offer you will also find a wide range of universal connection cables is not only compatible with plates from the family of Arduino, but all the other sets ewaluacyjnymi and modules equipped with pin-type connectors goldpin. We are here as wires, male-male, żeńsko-female and mixed (male-female) – thanks to this you can apply them to the tiles with any type of connectors. For convenience, the cords are available either as separate wires with closed factory connectors, or as colored wire tape (also equipped earned at the factory, contacts) that can be easily divided into parts with a smaller number of cores.