Prototype accessories for Arduino

You don't like to limit your opportunities with ready schemes that impose a particular way of doing it? If yes, we recommend you to use the products in this category. Accessories prototypes for Arduino will allow you to spread your wings and create something special. Boards, wires, connectors, and accessories useful to the users of Arduino.

Products by page

Products by page

Boards, cables and connectors -  that is all you need

Each layout and circuit can be improved or used in a completely different way. An example can be the popular model of RCthat uses small electric motors and their drive wheels or propeller drones. In both objects, was used very similar parts, but different – and it's all thanks to the selection of professional accessories that allow to transfer the equipment to another location to install them from a different angle and adapt to expectations. We have several different contact plates, opposite ends of the cords, plugs, and even sets with microcontrollers that must be to equip each home worker – regardless of qualifications skills and amount of experience.

Contact plates –  essential equipment for any electronics

One of the key elements that should be included in any kit with prototype accessories for Arduino are the contact plates. They allow the connection of multiple electrical circuits using wires, without soldering, so you can check their operation before making the final decision about a permanent connection. This is a simple item that will save you a lot of nerves, but given that it is multiple use, it is recommended to purchase it to use for each project. Remember! Although in theory and in terms of something can work fine, in practice there is often a lot of adversity, and to have the ability to quickly unfasten the contacts and leads than to deal with the need to unsolder a module..

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