Electronic circuits mostly perform operations related to the processing of information from one form into another. Of course, this is a considerable simplification, but signal processing is an important issue in the field of electronics. For this purpose transducers (in certain situations also called converters) are used, which are the elements used for processing analogue and digital signals. There are many cases where it is necessary to switch from the digital domain to the analogue domain and vice versa. In such situations A/D and D/A converters are used. In this category we have prepared a wide range of transducers and converters that offer standard applications, but are also equipped with a number of additional functions. All the devices have been selected for their quality and affordable price and come from suppliers with worldwide recognition. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our technical department. Botland employees will be more than happy to share their knowledge and experience. We are happy to help you choose the right device and advise you on any other issue.


  • Voltage converters Voltage converters

    A variety of currently used components and the digital technology of their performance is forcing designers need to work on different power supply voltage levels. However, even if the power supply circuit devices provide everything necessary for the correct functioning of the...

  • Converters USB to UART / RS232 / RS485 Converters USB to UART / RS232 / RS485

    USB-UART converters are integrated circuits that enable efficient and undisturbed communication. They are designed to exchange information, which is possible due to asymmetric transmission. Data is received through the serial port. Functioning of the USB-UART converters starts...

  • Extenders findings Extenders findings

    We offer extension modules conclusions this IP or small modules that allow the connection of additional lines I / o for the microcontroller. This is a great solution in a situation when the initial number of outputs not enough to accommodate all the tasks necessary to fulfill...

  • Converters A/C and C/A Converters A/C and C/A

    When WiFi technology appeared, it was a total revolution, which definitely improved the management of many devices and systems. It is a technology designed to send and receive information from communication devices. It is designed to provide access to the Internet, without...

  • Converters other Converters other

    In this category we have all sorts of devices that do not fit into any of the other subcategories converters. Most often it is the layout of the circuits or modules that are designed to provide communication between two independent tools. We have, among other things,...

  • Multiplexers Multiplexers

    Multiplexers are advanced electronic components that are found in both digital (now more common) and analog (slightly less common) versions. Due to its mode of operation, it can be said that the multiplexer is a combination circuit used to select one of several available input...

  • Modules RTC Modules RTC

    Modules RTC - Ability to determine the exact time – date and time – is important for many electronic devices ranging from simple clocks and alarm clocks, and ending centralkach smart home and loggerach measurement data. The indication of time is one of their...

Products by page

Products by page

What is a transducer?

A transducer is a device capable of transforming or converting a given manifestation of input energy to a different manifestation of output energy. The type of transducer already indicates which is the transformation that it carries out (for example, electromechanical transducer transforms an electrical signal into mechanical or vice versa). It is a device used mainly in industry, medicine, agriculture, robotics, aeronautics, etc., to obtain information from physical and chemical environments and to obtain electrical signals or impulses or vice versa. Transducers always consume a certain amount of energy so that the measured signal is weakened. The transducer is sometimes confused with a converter, which is usually a different type of device, responsible for voltage and frequency conversion. Nevertheless, the name "converter" is sometimes used in electronics to determine the change of signal from analog to digital, so there may be some problems and nomenclature misunderstandings in this field. If in doubt, please contact our technical team and we will make sure to clarify this topic for you.

A/D and D/A converters

An analog-to-digital converter (ADC or A/D transducer) is an electronic circuit whose function is to translate an analog quantity into a digital value (coded on several bits), proportional to the ratio between the input analog quantity and the maximum value of the signal. The converted signal is usually an electrical voltage. The conversion process can also be carried out in the other direction on the same principle (digital to analogue signal). Analogue-to-digital converters are particularly useful in automation and robotics when building measuring systems. Digital-to-Analogue converters, on the other hand, enable the setting of specific fixed voltages and the generation of alternating voltage waveforms of any shape imposed by the control program performed by the microcontroller. In our offer we have prepared many modules and integrated circuits, which will enable the conversion of signals in both directions. A/D and D/A converters are key elements for all electronic circuits, both with digital control and with analogue signals.

Voltage and digital interfaces converters

In our Botland store, we have also prepared universal voltage converters, which are used in electronic circuits. This is the case where integrated circuits and modules with different supply voltages work together. You can find a wide range of products, dedicated for both beginners and advanced users. Our offer includes both simple converters, equipped with 8 channels and advanced specialized logic level switches. The latter are dedicated for SMBus and I2C buses. We have also created a category of USB- UART / RS232 / RS485 converters, where we have selected the best devices and modules for communication between the computer and microcontroller. These are not all categories, so we kindly invite you to check the full offer of converters and tranducers. Your satisfaction is the most important thing for us, Botland employees, so if in doubt, contact us and seek advice on choosing the right converter. We will be more than happy to help you.