Electronics provides users with awesome features that will help, in particular, the functionality of the projects. Wanting to enjoy the safety and system performance, you should use parts of the highest quality. In this category you will find converters, which serve for communication between two independent tools. If you want to see what this small item can offer You, we invite you to familiarize with our offer which is in this category.


  • Voltage level converters Voltage level converters

    Multipath converters of logic levels, among others: 3.3 V to 5 V, 1.8 V to 3.3 V, etc.

  • Converters USB - UART / RS232 / RS485 Converters USB - UART / RS232 / RS485

    Converters communication interfaces: USB, UART, USB RS232, USB RS485.

  • GPIO expanders GPIO expanders

    System to increase the number of inputs/outputs of the microcontroller.

  • Converters ADC and DAC Converters ADC and DAC

    Electronics and technology bring great changes. Wanting to expand the possibilities, we are constantly improving what seemed to be perfect. The use of highest quality components ensures the satisfaction when you create projects or replace damaged parts – we invite you to...

  • Other converters Other converters

    Converters, SPI, I2C, HDMI, VGA, multiplexers, and others.

  • Multiplexers Multiplexers

    Device to select one of the input signals and transmitting it to the output. In practice, this allows to increase the number of outputs digital or analog.

  • RTC modules RTC modules

    Models equipped with real time clock.

Products by page

Products by page

Converters on all occasions! Forms part of the

In we do not restrict ourselves only to the major decisions which include, for example, voltage converters. We represent so much more complex designs that must be included each the designer of electronic equipment. Possible mini-computer, sensors and controllers are limitless – you just need to know how to use them and how to combine them to create a design that facilitates daily activities and responsibilities.

Perfect example is converters USB to UART / RS232 / RS485, whose task is to transport data between the computer and minikontrolerami or electronic kits (like Arduino, Raspberry Pi , etc.). Experience and theoretical knowledge will allow You to minimize as profesjonalizować projects – who knows, maybe You'll find the solution to a problem first or udoskonalicie that seemed suitable.

How to choose a suitable converters for construction

First of all, you need to pay attention to their height and number of channels. Each mini-controller, electronic part, or even the connector will need more voltage, so you must carefully plan the layout and use of appropriate tools for the expectations.

If you have a problem with that and you don't know which Converter to choose from our range to fulfill Your standards, then you are welcome to contact. Our team of professionals, who like You, are passionate about technology and electronics, so we think we will be able to help you and answer all questions. it is a guarantee of enjoyment out of choice – every day care about it!