In great simplification, we can conclude that most of the operations that we performed using electronic systems is to process signals (or, more generally, information) from one form to another. For this purpose, converters – an extensive group of elements for analog signal processing and digital. In many systems requires a transition from digital to analog domain and/or Vice versa. In this case, the designers of the devices tend converters A/C and C/A. In this category we gathered a broad range of transducers designed for different applications and often offer a variety of additional functions.


  • Voltage converters Voltage converters

    A variety of currently used components and the digital technology of their performance is forcing designers need to work on different power supply voltage levels. However, even if the power supply circuit devices provide everything necessary for the correct functioning of the...

  • Converters USB to UART / RS232 / RS485 Converters USB to UART / RS232 / RS485

    Converters communication interfaces: USB, UART, USB RS232, USB RS485.

  • Extenders findings Extenders findings

    We offer extension modules conclusions this IP or small modules that allow the connection of additional lines I / o for the microcontroller. This is a great solution in a situation when the initial number of outputs not enough to accommodate all the tasks necessary to fulfill...

  • Converters A/C and C/A Converters A/C and C/A

    The analog-to-digital Converter - Analog and digital electronic systems today absolutely inseparable. If earlier all the operations like measurement, and management of Executive mechanisms, and even mathematical calculations and signal processing – was implemented only in...

  • Converters other Converters other

    In this category we have all sorts of devices that do not fit into any of the other subcategories converters. Most often it is the layout of the circuits or modules that are designed to provide communication between two independent tools. We have, among other things,...

  • Multiplexers Multiplexers

    Multiplexers are electronic components that serve as elements of digital and analog elements. Thanks to the use of such solutions in electronics, it is easy to increase the number of inputs (e.g., microprocessor). The multiplexer has the infrastructure to service several...

  • Modules RTC Modules RTC

    Modules RTC - Ability to determine the exact time – date and time – is important for many electronic devices ranging from simple clocks and alarm clocks, and ending centralkach smart home and loggerach measurement data. The indication of time is one of their main...

Products by page

Products by page

Converter or Converter? Nomenclature, similarities and differences

The words "transducer" and "transducer", although in the English language reduced to a common definition of "converter", Polish the item support used in various, usually separate contexts. The first one we use most often to determine the systems that process analog signals into digital ones (A/C) or digital to analog (C/A). In the industrial call of the inverter is also determined by the measuring system, complex – in simple terms – sensor systems, i.e. the useful signal, respectively, the scaling value (digital or analog). In turn, the word "Converter" in Ukraine " is often used in relation to przesuwników logic levels (i.e. voltage converters), as well as the interfaces used to connect devices having different protocols (e.g., converters USB – UART).

Converters A/C and C/A

In this category you will find many modules, and separate circuits for converting signals from the analog to digital and digital to analog. The first is particularly useful in measurement systems, automation and robotics (for sensors with voltage or current) or devices for monitoring certain objects. In turn, converters digital-to-analog allow the installation of the specified DC voltages (for example, to compensate for the offset of the measuring amplifier) and signal generation of the AC voltage of arbitrary shape imposed by the program control is performed via a microcontroller (or another driver that supports this type of Converter). Converters A/C and C/A are inevitable element of any electronic circuits that work with analog signals and digital control.

Voltage converters and digital interfaces

In our offer we have also universal voltage converters that are useful in electronic circuits that use cooperating with a integrated circuits and modules for different supply voltages. We have simple converters with up to 8 channels, like the specialized przesuwniki levels of puzzles designed for tire SMBus and I2C. In the category Converters USB to UART / RS232 / RS485 you will find very useful device and the modules to communicate between computer and microcontroller with UART link devices with serial port RS232 or RS485 differential lines, fun to use in the industrial sector, as well as ventilation and air-conditioning.