BeagleBone boards

The tile under the sign BeaglBoard. In the proposal, among other BeagleBone Black.


  • BeagleBone main boards BeagleBone main boards

    Single board minicomputers are already well-known among modern electronic engineers. BeagleBone, which certainly deserves special attention, is one of many models available on the market. Unlike its competitors, the main boards marked with the logo depicting a nice dog offer a...

  • Memory cards for BeagleBone Memory cards for BeagleBone

    The microSD card working as drive minikomputera.

  • Cases for BeagleBone Cases for BeagleBone

    Housing for a mini-series of the computer BeagleBone Black

  • Cables for BeagleBone Cables for BeagleBone

    HDMI cables to connect minikomputera with the display, connecting cables, USB and others.

  • USB devices for BeagleBone USB devices for BeagleBone

    Mouse, keyboard, hubs and other USB devices that are compatible with the BeagleBone Black.

  • Power Supply for BeagleBone Power Supply for BeagleBone

    Power supply units are compatible with the BeagleBone Black minikomputerem

  • Accessories for BeagleBone Accessories for BeagleBone

    Feet, tile, pin and other accessories that facilitate the use of mini-computers.


UC - Microkontroler
UC - freq:
UC - core
UC - External memory
UC - Digital pins:
UC - Connector:
UC - Ethernet:
UC - WiFi:
UC - Bluetooth
UC - Camera interface
UC - Linux
UC - Android
UC - Windows

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