System built-in constantly finding new customers, both among Amateurs and professionals. Such systems include jednopłytkowe miniature computersthat contain hardware and software similar to PCs, but in a small, portable form, including such items as CPU, memory and video card. Next landmark is already the Raspberry Pi is a computer about the great possibilities that allow you to perform a number of interesting projects, the name sounds like: BeagleBone.


  • Modules - BeagleBone Modules - BeagleBone

    Miniature computers jednopłytkowe good has taken root already in the Toolbox of modern electronics. Among the many models available in our market deserves special attention BeagleBone family. Unlike competitors, the core modules with the sign of the cute, four-legged offer a...

  • Memory card - BeagleBone Memory card - BeagleBone

    Even the best computer powerful, multi-core processor and extensive memory RAM little Shine without reliable hard drive. In minikomputerach jednopłytkowych the role of the disc is usually performed on the memory card. The popularity of such decision affects not only low cost...

  • Housing BeagleBone Housing BeagleBone

    The popularity and variety of different models BeagleBone makes miniature computers, these represent an attractive platform not only for Amateurs but also professionals who develop applications, industrial, control and measuring devices or home automation systems. Some people...

  • Wire - BeagleBone Wire - BeagleBone

    Miniature computers jednopłytkowe BeagleBone stand out against other similar products, plenty of connections – not just those familiar with PC, laptops or mobile devices. They also have excellent as for devices in this class the number of pins GPIO derivatives to goldpin...

  • USB device - BeagleBone USB device - BeagleBone

    In the era of minicomputers jednopłytkowych it is possible to notice an interesting trend. The number of circuits and the amount of key accessories, including the keyboard, mouse and monitor, leads to the fact that the computer itself, which not long ago was the greatest...

  • Food - BeagleBone Food - BeagleBone

    Among the many benefits of a mini-series of the computer called BeagleBone should be flexibility from the point of view of the method of power connection to the Board. Unlike many other mini-computers available in the market, the BeagleBone can be powered not only through the...

  • Accessories - BeagleBone Accessories - BeagleBone

    Each project begins with the creation and testing of the prototype. In the case of electronic devices, mock-up, once associated with the need for travel rations dozen cables have been nice – if you bring the proper accessories allows you to create a layout and easy deployment,...


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Products by page

Products by page

BeagleBone - a revolution in the field of embedded systems

For comparison, the Arduino boards have a processor and internal memory but they have a somewhat limited performance and the inability to connect these devices, I/o, such as LCD monitor. Computer BeagleBone, in turn, allows you to connect a monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard, Ethernet network connection, and an OS based on Linux. Many hobbyists use the Arduino for different projects, but with increasing project requirements, it may be that an Arduino or other platform, with the same parameters will not suffice. For example, if you want to use your PC and webcam to detect dirty dishes in the sink-the kitchen, a good solution would be to use platform based on Linux or similar. Such platforms include, BeagleBone, and they are the perfect solution for projects that exceed the system requirements smaller platforms, such as Arduino. Affordable price and useful accessories for the BeagleBone leads to the fact that the community of users becomes larger, which facilitates the study of its use to beginners in the field of embedded systems.

A small computer-a great opportunity

BeagleBone is a development fee designed for Linux software. This platform is Open source based on high-performance CPU Texas Instruments AM335X family, used in mobile devices and low power consumption. Tile BeagleBone offer:

The ability to program in several languages: C, C++, Java, Ruby, Perl, Python, as well as the possibility of writing a script

Software Linux - most of the free software in Linux, and the like, can easily operate on the BeagleBone.

Built-in support network - in addition to an Ethernet connection, BeagleBone offers any network protocols supported by Linux. You can also use the services of such network services like FTP, SSH, Telnet, and download on the plate, even software for self service server on the network

Wireless Internet access - with built-in network services, the BeagleBone provides easy access to projects, electronic, posted on the Internet. If you have a data logging system, you can upload them using FTP. Wi-fi also provides a connection to the device to update the source code

Measurement system in real time - BeagleBone independently and regularly monitors the date and time based on the information from the server to which connected, without using external plugins and hardware

File system - the same as for conventional PCs based on Linux, BeagleBone also has built-in file management system, which allows, in particular, sorting, storage and loading


Support For Linux

Multitasking - in contrast to platforms based on a common microcontroller, the BeagleBone platform is based on Linux, can be used in parallel on the same processor to run multiple programs. For example, if you need to send a large file to the server, then you will not need to detain other applications running at the same time.

USB - BeagleBone can function as a device that connects to the USB of the PC, as well as the servers to which you can connect external devices that facilitates the integration of the BeagleBone with an external discs, adapters wi-fi and other devices

Small size , despite the great capabilities of hardware and software, fee BeagleBone takes a very small amount of space